“The” Day

Choose your own way to celebrate romance.

by Paget Pizitz

This February, I’m sure you are all waiting on baited breath to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday on the 12th, National Pistachio Day on the 26th and of course, Valentine’s Day on the 14th.
Executives at the greeting card industry, the folks churning out those delicious heart shaped cookie cakes and diamond peddlers everywhere are looking forward to the arrival of Cupid, the God of desire, affection and erotic love.  Nothing speaks to me of eroticism more than a chubby diapered baby boy practicing his archery, but I have always had tastes to be considered a bit off color.
This month, I speak to two sets of people, those in relationships and those not.  If you are currently plus one and prefer typical Valentine’s Day sentiments like flowers and chocolates, carry on. Every woman likes a bundle of red roses and some malted milk hearts she will instantly regret eating. But perhaps you want to stray from the expected and over used?  If your lovely lady makes you dinner every night, surprise her with reservations at the restaurant she always remarks she wants to try. Prefer staying in? How about suiting up in an apron and channeling your best Paula Dean? Her Chicken Divan is easy, y’all. Even if your divan isn’t very delish, as long as you clean it up and do the dishes, she’s going remember the effort.
And now, just like when I’m at the movies and reach the half opened kernels of popping corn at the bottom of the bag, I have reached my favorite part. To all of you unattached party minx’s out there, you don’t have to be Sonny Crockett to figure this one out. Valentines will be a night for singles all over this little hamlet to dress up, go out, and have one toddy too many for the average Monday evening. I’m certainly not suggesting you get the cozy table for one and order from the fixed price Valentines menu at one of Birmingham’s best. However, cynical people all over this country have already started planning their Anti-Valentine’s day parties. These parties are sure to have great drinks (The Bitter Experience), awesome tunes (Tainted Love) and tons of meats on sharp skewers.  My old college roommate just married her boyfriend of three years. They met at a ‘down with love soiree’, February 14th, 2007, which just goes to show meeting someone remarkable is possible, even when you least expect it.

Paget is the owner of Connections: Matchmaking and Personal Consulting

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