10 Spots: Dining Ideas for October

10 SPOTS: Dining Ideas for October

by Richard James

Café Dupont

One of the city’s best restaurants and an anchor for the renaissance in downtown dining, Chris Dupont’s restaurant never seems to run out of steam, great ideas and a welcoming attitude.



113 20th St. N., Birmingham

Klingler’s European Bakery & Café

A little taste of Germany right in the heart of Vestavia, Klingler’s is, first and foremost, straight-from-the-old-country authentic. Family-owned, this classic spot has been in Vestavia since 1991. Go for the Black Forest Cake and the German sausage platters.


621 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia

Rogue Tavern
Right in the heart of the blossoming Second Avenue North scene, Rogue is versatile enough to excel in a number of ways. The food is top-notch and the music in the evenings and on weekends can really rock the house.


2312 2nd Avenue North, Birmingham

Sitar Indian Cuisine
Perched right in the heart of UAB at the corner of 20th and University, the key to Sitar is the authentic Indian tastes and sensations. This place does it right and consistently plays to the heart of the cuisine.


729 20th Street South, Birmingham

VJ’s on the Runway

It is hard to tell whom you will rub elbows with at this restaurant, a true Birmingham tradition, in business since the 1950s. The burgers are justifiably famous, but so is more unexpected fare, such as the tamales and Italian sausage.



5100 East Lake Boulevard, Birmingham

Stone’s Throw Grill

Casual and upscale, this bar and grill captures the laid-back yet well-appointed ethos of the Mt. Laurel community that surrounds it. The food and ambiance are really worth the drive.



3 Mt. Laurel Avenue, Mt. Laurel

Mellow Mushroom

Happiness in the round form of a pizza is what is promised and delivered at this Five Points South stand-out pizza and casual dining spot. Popular from lunch to late night, this place can make you mellow whatever the hour.



1200 20th Street South, Birmingham

Flattop Grill

A little off-putting maybe, but once you get the hang of it, this create-your-own stir-fry restaurant at The Summit is fun. The menu options are flavorful, the staff helpful in explaining the go-to-the-grill process and the food plentiful.



250 Summit Blvd., The Summit

The Melting Pot

The tiny little forks, the melting pots, you get the picture. This is fondue taken to the next level. Go for the Big Night Out four-course dinner consisting of cheese, salad, entrée and dessert.



611 Doug Baker Blvd., North Shelby

Over Easy

I like a restaurant that is what it says it is. This is a great, comfortable spot that makes breakfast fun again. The perfect place for people who love breakfast. The restaurant is not that large and it fills up, especially on weekends, so hurry.



358 Hollywood Blvd., Homewood

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