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Too often we see someone from our tribe wander to what they see as greener pastures in creativity, taking with them a little piece of our magic.  And while we wish the best for those who choose to roam, we always hope to welcome them home. However, there are few who not only see the magic in our community for what it is, but also have a vision and a drive to see that magic meet its true potential. These individuals are dedicated to building the art, work, and community at home by integrating knowledge from their time away. This month’s feature is a shepherd, and he has returned home with honed skills and newly established inspiration.

As a musician, his project Dorean Lives had a 10-year run, landing major positions on the Rock/Alternative charts and the Christian Rock 20.  The intimate lyrics give the music a multi-genre appeal and offers an uplifting, hopeful perspective for those living through their own rough moments. Though Dorean Lives is currently on hiatus, the spirit of the project is alive and thriving.

As a filmmaker, his love for cinema was given a huge boost when his project won first prize in the 2014 Sidewalk Scramble, at which point he made a decision to pursue production seriously. For the last two years, he has cohabitated between Boston and Birmingham, chasing a film degree in foreign fields and simultaneously nesting a home with his new wife and baby. Upon his recent return to the Magic City, he secured a seat on the Sidewalk Film Festival as the outreach and education coordinator.

His upcoming project brings together a diverse ensemble of Birmingham-based musicians, cast, and crew: a film called Fated to Repeat. Production is scheduled for the fall of 2016, and it incorporates original music from his new outfit, British Humour. He is currently laying these tracks at Magnetic Audio.  He will be partnering with Seed & Spark for fundraising and distribution in the coming months and is aiming for a worldwide Netflix/iTunes release.

He is ambitious and enthusiastic and has an unparalleled drive to uplift and inspire people both within and beyond our borders. His passion and his product are exactly what Birmingham needs, and these are the reasons we think Logan Freeman is Birmingfamous.

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