28 Ways to Cook, Everything!

Out of print doesn’t mean out of reach.

Used books can provide some surprising opportunity to find new recipes

by John-Bryan Hopkins

Want to learn how to cook like a master chef? Want a coveted “cooking” book considered THE cult classic of cookbooks? Well, I’ve  got a book for you—a book series, actually.  With Julia Child’s  The Art of French Cooking flying off the shelves, I thought it was a fine time to tell you guys about  another a true out-of-print treasure, Time Life’s The Good Cook Series.  Don’t let “out-of-print” scare you. This series was one of the most popular cooking series ever sold and is rather easy to find, from 50 cents a copy to as much as 500 dollars for a perfect set. This is a serious buy for real cooks.
Officially named The Good Cook Techniques and Recipes, the series has been out of print since 1981. Chief consultant and legendary cookbook author, Richard Olney, oversaw the editing of the series. Each cookbook has it’s own theme, such as breads, candy or soups. The first part of each volume features detailed instructional photos showing step-by-step techniques, while the second part supplies traditional recipes from books. This 28-volume collection is considered one of the best illustrated and most informative cookbooks ever published. The books were sold in alphabetical order through the mail, making the last few rather rare. The 28 cookbooks are as follows: Beef & Veal, Beverages, Breads, Cakes, Candy, Classic Desserts, Cookies & Crackers, Dried Beans & Grains, Eggs & Cheese, Fish, Fruits, Hors D’Oeuvre, Lamb, Outdoor Cooking, Pasta, Pies & Pastries, Pork,  Poultry, Preserving, Salads, Sauces, Shellfish, Snacks & Sandwiches, Soups, Terrine, Pates & Galantines, Variety Meats, Vegetables, and Wine.
Foodimentary Fact:
Until recently, used-book stores had no interest in buying serious books. I am proud to say that the used-book super store, 2nd & Charles, in Hoover has dozens if not hundreds of these books in every condition, all at a fraction of the cost of ANY new cookbook. Amazon and Ebay have a great selection as well but watch out for the shipping costs.You could end up paying more for shipping than for the book itself. Happy hunting.

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