Magic City Art Connection | April 26 – 28 | Linn Park

Magic City Art Connection

Connecting people and art for over 30 years.

At the Magic City Art Connection you hear the phrase over and over “What art did you find?”

Over 30 years and with over 215 regional and national artists represented annually each April, there has been a lot of collecting for every buyer’s taste over the history of the Magic City Art Connection. When pairing MCAC’s popular slogan and mantra “Find Art” with that reverberating question “What art did you find?” the festival thought it fitting to start chronicling art purchases and buyers as a great way to share the excitement of collecting art.

The first art preview and chance for collectors to “Find Art” comes in February at Art Bash, a fun, creative, and fresh annual party that supports art educational programming through interactive workshops and art experiences for schools and families. Art Bash is never in the same place twice, making each year a fun, new discovery for everyone in attendance. WARHOLlywood is Art Bash’s latest incarnation and borrowed inspiration from Andy Warhol’s infamous studio in NYC, The Silver Factory. WARHOLlywood designer Christophe Nicolet with producer and festival marketing director Alex Kunzman transformed the Art Bash party space by coating its walls with thousands of feet of silver mylar and rolls of aluminum foil, transporting guests to the party of the season decked out in fashions from the ’60s to the ’80s.

It was standing room only at WARHOLlywod’s “15 Minutes of Fame” Omni Studio guest portrait area, which offered a slice of fame in pixels to all those in attendance. Willing models were anxious for their time with the award–winning  photography duo of Liesa Cole and Tony Rodio. Everyone was a star through their lens that evening. Art Bash’s partnership and collaboration with Omni Studio over the last eight years has created wonderful photographic moments for guests.

The next chance to “Find Art” is at Magic City Art Connection on April 26-28 in downtown’s Linn Park. This year, MCAC wants to improve the art buying experience for art collectors. In addition to finding the perfect art piece, MCAC knows that visitors also want to enjoy other favorite signature events from the Corks & Chefs’ food and wine tasting event, to the performances on the dance or music stages, to the creative kids’ workshops at Imagination Festival. The festival is launching an art handling and storage program to do that very thing, hoping that this new service will make art acquisition decision even simpler, and will allow patrons to move around the show unencumbered. New Latitude, a festival sponsor, local moving company and expert in art handling, has partnered with MCAC on this effort. They will collect art purchases from the point of sale at the artist’s booth, transport it to the New Latitude art handling spot where it will be wrapped and stored for free until the collector is ready to pick it up. Art home delivery is also available for a fee in cases of large-sized art purchases.

The festival also hopes visitors will take their turn and pose at MCAC’s “Photo Booth & Collector Spot”, sponsored in part by B-Metro. Smile for the camera with friends and family plus some fun art props.

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