First Comes Clarity

What you see is what you get.

By Tammy Hawk–Bridges

My first entrepreneurial attempt failed. It failed for a few reasons, Firstly, because I didn’t understand marketing, Internet marketing to be more precise. Secondly, I worked hard all day—long and aimlessly—without a plan, a goal, or any type of structure.

I can remember a time during my second entrepreneurial venture that I was struggling so hard. I was working seven days a week and, although I was making a decent income, I still didn’t want to be one of those entrepreneurs who had to work everyday of the week just to make enough money to pay the bills.

What’s worse, I had a handle on marketing this time around, but was still struggling. I read books, attended webinars, and took business courses online. Nothing helped.

“What’s missing?” I asked myself constantly.

It wasn’t until the third business that I found the golden ticket.


First comes clarity—then comes success.

You must first know exactly what you’re selling. You also need to know exactly whom you are selling it to, because selling it to everyone is too hard. Then you should know exactly what the value is to your ideal client. You need to communicate the value in a way that makes an impact and attracts them to you.

I know this may sound silly but when you know all these things beyond a doubt—the wall comes down.

I want you to imagine a filthy living room. There is laundry everywhere! Plates are sitting on the coffee table from dinner three days ago. You haven’t dusted in months; maybe there is a little mound of dog poo over by the window. The point is—this room is really disgusting!

Now imagine you went out and bought your dream couch, let’s pretend it’s gorgeous, cream-colored Italian leather and you paid $5,000 for it. You sit the couch in the middle of your filthy mess. What’s the couch’s impact on the room?

ZERO. The couch adds zero value to the room even though it cost $5,000. It actually makes the mess look worse.

I want you to think of the couch as all those books you read and seminars you attended to learn how to make more money in your business while you still lacked clarity. They have no value because in your head you’re still a mess.

When you get really specific about what you do and develop a niche then it’s a matter of figuring out who is the best fit for what you sell—this will be your ideal client.

Then you will develop very clear marketing messages that explain the value of what you sell to your ideal client. This is how you can position yourself as a leader in your craft and use marketing tactics to attract your ideal client to you.

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing too much on processes. The problem is your buyer doesn’t give a crap about your process. What they care about is what its value is to them and if you aren’t articulating that correctly you’re going to struggle with reaching them.

Take some time out and consider these questions:

1. What’s your niche? What do you want to be known for?

2. Who’s the best fit for your niche? Who is your ideal client?

3.What is your statement of value to your ideal client?

Finding clarity is the very first step in building a successful and profitable business. If you seek quick fixes and move forward without it, you will never get the results you want.

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