Get Trippy

by Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown

Sometimes in life there are moments when we realize that we are burned out. We come face-to-face with the fact that we just aren’t having as much fun as we want in life. We must ask ourselves if we are going to keep on believing the old ideas we have about our lives, about what we’re supposed to be doing, and what we are scared of doing, or are we going to try that thing and find out what’s true for ourselves. We decide if we are going to be risk takers and see if there might be something else out there for us, or if we will just keep punching the same old clock—believing the same old thing, sticking to the same routine, and following the status quo. These times are very revealing.

Personally, I believe one should always be open to mind-expanding experiences. To truly feel alive and reawaken the senses, you must explore new ways to tap into your creativity. Do something to unleash a whole range of new ideas and ways of interacting with the world around you. But to do this, we sometimes have to try something we have never dared try before. Go where you have never dared go before.

It’s helpful to vacate our current reality in order to entertain thoughts of creating new ones. Somehow, we must stimulate our senses to jumpstart our system. We might even need to send it a little shock if it has been too long since we let loose and decided to live a little. We can forget how. If this is the case with you, you need a little help to create an alternate reality.  You need to turn off before you can turn on and achieve a completely altered state of consciousness. That’s right. To regain control of your life and turn it in the direction you really want to go, you have to do a little tripping.

I’m here to tell you that most all dangers are just perceived ones and not based in any reality at all. If you are a bit apprehensive, try it with a friend first. You might not get the fullest effect if you’re alone. In fact, you really just need to take a laid back trip. Relax, and enjoy the journey, and let someone else take care of the dealings. Leave all your worries and anxieties back home, and when you return, you just might find they have disappeared like a puff of smoke into thin air.

I know the thought of trying this can make you feel anxious and jittery. But I swear it will calm your nerves and give you peace. You will achieve a heightened state of awareness and gain clarity, able to fully see and appreciate things more clearly and on a higher plane. Your mind will be all lit up with inspiration. I just can’t pass along enough of the wonders of taking a little trip, checking out some new joints, seeing new sights. And keep the good times rolling when you get back to reality. Don’t get caught back up in the fog of the same old routine. This new experience offers you the chance to weed out all of your tiring day-to-day routine actions and design some new ones that are better suited to serving your new vision. Hopefully, you will come back with a new awareness and appreciation of how wonderful your life really is, and how much more exciting and fun it can be with your new and inspired ideas. That is the power of a great trip.

There is a real high you get from the newness of an experience like this so don’t be surprised to find that you need to feel it again, and again… In fact, I am willing to bet that traveling just might be something you find yourself addicted to. Now is the peek season for vacation travel time, so I highly recommend taking a vacation this year, no matter how much you think you can’t do it. You are hallucinating if you think you can’t afford to take the time off. Even if it’s just a short trip, if you don’t rush, it will have a magical and transformative effect on your outlook, your health, and even on your productivity. You will come back from the experience a more inspired and restful you. After all, the grass always seems greener somewhere else so don’t be afraid to partake. Go for the highs in life! So, don’t be a dope, go ahead and give it a try. Plan that vacation now. Invite some friends to join you, and have a nice trip!

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