Brown and Green

To outfit your kitchen.

by Jason Horn

Brown and Green A pair of architects got started selling their fantastic cutting boards at Pepper Place Farmers’ Market and opened a store in Avondale a few months ago. The boards are all hand-made from locally grown hardwoods, out of end-grain wood, which means they won’t dull your knives. 131A 41st St. S; 205-591-0001;
Bresco Restaurant supply stores are hands-down the best place to pick up kitchen equipment, whether you’re a professional cook or not, and this Southside shop is the city’s best.  Almost all the pots, pans, mixing bowls, knives, and other tools sold at Bresco are cheaper than at home cook-focused places, and they’re designed to hold up to the torture of daily chef use, which means they can handle anything you can throw at them. 2428 6th Ave. S;
Birmingham Bake & Cook Company If you’re into cooking, you’ll wander this Inverness store mouth agape. It carries all the best brands—Le Creuset, Shun, Wüsthof, Microplane, and lots more. It’s also got a huge array of kitchen gadgets and supplies, many of which you can’t find elsewhere. You can also get your knives professionally sharpened for 50 cents per inch. 5291 Valleydale Rd.; 205-980-3661;
The Cook Store of Mountain Brook This Mountain Brook Village shop sells everything from hand-made ceramic serving dishes to All-Clad pans to fancy aprons, and it’s been open for more than 30 years. Much of that pottery is locally made by Birmingham artisans, as well. 2841 Cahaba Rd., Mountain Brook; 205-879-5277;
BB’s China and Glassware This enormous downtown warehouse is essentially an outlet store for plates, bowls, cups, glasses, mugs, and other dishes of all kinds. It’s high-quality, restaurant-caliber stuff, it’s available in every shape, size, and color, and it’s dirt-cheap. 2427 1st Ave. N; 205-252-2405;
Louise’s Cakes & Things Everyone who bakes should make a pilgrimage to this Hoover pastry emporium at least once. It sells pans in every possible configuration, cookie cutters in an absurd range of shapes, and all the cake-decorating equipment you could possibly want. And if you don’t want to cook it yourself, Louise’s is also a full-service bakery and caterer. 1694 Montgomery Hwy., Hoover; 205-823-6799;
Super Oriental Market If you plan to cook authentic Asian food, this is the place for you, and not just because it sells ingredients from all over the continent. The back room holds woks, rice cookers, bamboo steamers, tea sets, and lots of other tools in addition to elaborately patterned plates, bowls, and cups. 243 W. Valley Ave., Homewood; 205-945-9558;
Little Hardware This beloved Mountain Brook Village shop is one of the last old-fashioned hardware stores, but it also happens to have a great selection of cookware and kitchen tools, including a huge display of Lodge cast-iron pans. There’s also most of an entire aisle given over to jars and canning supplies. 2703 Culver Rd., Mountain Brook; 205-871-4616
A’mano Gifts Right next to Little Hardware is A’Mano, a store focused on selling unique and one-of-a-kind works of local artists. Fortunately for this column, a good half of those works are plates, glasses, and serving dishes in a variety of styles. The shop recently expanded into the space next door, doubling its size. 2707 Culver Rd., Mountain Brook; 205-871-9093;
At Home This downtown Homewood furniture store has such a wide range of items that it’s fun just to browse pretty much any time. The dining section offers lovely plates and napkins to fit any style. Stop in at the holidays for a huge selection of festive knickknacks as well. 2921 18th St. S, Homewood; 205-879-3510;

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