Eat This: Dyron’s Fried Oysters & Crab Claws

By Jan Walsh 

Photography by Beau Gustafson


The fried crab claws at Dyron’s are an addiction of mine. I attempt to order them even when they are not listed on the menu. And so far I have always succeeded in having chef Randall Baldwin fry up an order as requested.  Accommodating such requests is fitting of the low-key attitude that Dyron and Sonya Powell have achieved at Dyron’s Lowcountry.

Finely battered, big, meaty claws are fried to a golden brown.  I drizzle with a squeeze of lemon and dip into their homemade cocktail sauce. Today we pair the claws with an order of their fried oysters—and double the deliciousness. The oysters are crisp on the outside and succulent and flavorful on the inside. With the apps, we sip Roederer Brut Estate NV sparkling wine. Served well chilled, the wine’s lovely effervescence offers notes of pear, hazelnut, and makes a delightful pairing to Dyron’s scrumptious Gulf catch.

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