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Photos by Beau Gustafson

Natalie Kelly

In this edition of One on One, we brought together two young women who are all about community.

As the founder of My Green and Kelly Green Marketing and Consulting, Natalie Kelly has created a online resource for learning about living the green, earth-friendly lifestyle.

A graduate of Auburn University, Natalie has worked in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, but has found a calling in her mission to help Birminghamians lead a more green lifestyle. Natalie has worked in the community as a volunteer for several environmental agencies and lately as an advocate for environmental education for youth throughout Birmingham. has become an advocate for green lifestyles. The site even sponsored a My Green Home Giveaway in conjunction with Alabama Power Company, which offered one lucky homeowner a major remodeling that would lead to more efficient use of energy and a more sustainable lifestyle. Some of the aspects of that lifestyle include sustainable landscaping, energy efficient appliances, insulation and energy systems.

Laura Kate Whitney

Laura Kate Whitney is a full-blooded Southerner who moved to Birmingham last year, along with husband, young son, and a grumpy old cat. Her blog, Magic City Manifesto, is the chronicle of a newcomer exploring, discovering, and coming to terms with a new city. Since moving to Birmingham, Whitney has stayed very active in the community, working on fundraisers and events and getting to know the town at a high level of interaction.

“I can’t not be in the middle of things,” she writes in her blog. Here’s a small excerpt from a recent blog post about Birmingham. “Of all places, here (in Birmingham) is where I should feel that fire in my belly, churning day and night, just as she once did when her furnaces were blazing and bright. I should be gritting my teeth and fighting for the very pride one can only realize after the adversary and adversity has been defeated.  Above all else, I should be beaming in Birmingham.”

You can view this very cool conversation about the possibilities of the city in the videos below:

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