B Yourself: Claire Parkerson Chandler

B YourselfName: Claire Parkerson Chandler

Age: 32

Hometown: I grew up in both Greenville, Miss., and Madison, Miss.

Profession: Web Designer


How long have you been a web designer?

10 years


What sets you apart from other designers? 

I have an artistic eye, but I think logically. With websites, most people either do design or development. I do both.


Whats your motto?

You can do as much as you believe you are capable of doing.


What keeps you awake at night?

Wondering if I covered everything on my to-do list.


Whats your next project?

I’m in the process of finishing a couple of major projects now and have a few small websites in the works to finish out the year.


If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Steve Jobs—he was a true visionary and incredibly inspiring. I would have reveled in the opportunity to have a conversation with him.


Describe your perfect day off.

Traveling, seeking adventure, spending time with friends and family, exploring Birmingham, and entertaining my sweet 4-year-old.


Where do you see your future in design?

User experience already plays a big part in what I do; however, I plan to dive deeper into the experience component of websites. Designing not only what someone sees but also how they interact with and use a website seems like a natural evolution.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The amazing people in my life, a love for what I do, and excitement to embrace a new day full of possibilities.


What can we do to learn more about you?

Visit my website, www.clairepchandler.com.

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