B Yourself: Ashley Copeland Berkery

B YourselfName: Ashley Copeland Berkery

Age: 38

Hometown: Homewood, AL

Occupation: Owner of ashleycopelandinc, a boutique public relations/weddings and events agency. And mom to two sons, Noah, 3, and Hart, 1.

ashleycopelandinc has two divisions to the agency—How does that work? I am fortunate to have training in both public relations and event planning. I enjoy working with media to enhance a client’s business and image, but I am also a detailed planner and love coordinating events and weddings. Sometimes events are tied into a client’s PR campaign, so I get the best of both worlds in those cases.

What’s the thing that sets you apart from other consultants and event planners? When a client hires ashleycopelandinc for a PR campaign, wedding, or event, they work with me personally throughout the entire process. I put my whole heart into the job until it is complete—no halfway jobs on my watch!

What’s the best part about hiring a planner for events and weddings rather than planning it yourself? The best part is that they get to sit back and enjoy the event. They are able to relax and know that we have covered every detail to ensure their events and weddings match their visions and go off without a hitch.

What’s your biggest achievement? Professionally, it’s at every wedding, before a bride leaves her reception. We have a personal moment, and she hugs me and tells me she had the wedding of her dreams. Personally, it’s marrying the best husband a woman could ask for and having two adorable little boys.

What has been the biggest surprise you’ve encountered at an event or wedding? In 2011, my Texas bride and her father broke out in a surprise father/daughter rap dance. It was the best-kept secret and so much fun to watch.

What’s your current state of mind? Nervous! My husband and I are driving to Nashville to run the 5K Rudolph Run in 34-degree weather with possible rain. As a somewhat new runner, I’ve never run at night or in the blistering cold!

What’s your idea of perfect happiness? I believe that perfect happiness will not be possible until I reach heaven. But here on earth, I think I am blessed beyond measure to have my own family. My parents are close by to enjoy the boys, and I love that. But some good hot wings make me really happy, too.

Who’s the living person you most admire? I’d have to make this answer plural and say people—my parents, Barry and Kathy Copeland. They have raised me to put the Lord first and love others above myself and have been examples in our community of what it means to truly serve others.

What talent you would most like to have? I would love to be a country music singer or just be able to sing period!


Interview and photograph by Angela Karen

Hair by Christy Cross,  Location: Atmosphere

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