Cheery Cocktail

The Root Beer Float at Jackson’s Bar & Bistro will make you smile.

by Jan Walsh  Photography by Beau Gustafson

Jackson's Root Beer Float

A favorite, spring meeting place is the spacious patio of Jackson’s Bar and Bistro.

The black iron umbrella tables that dot the space invite you to pull up a chair. And the menu entices with a variety of tempting cocktails. Hmm, what will it be? Misery and Gin sounds tempting—hasn’t been a good day. The Root Beer Float sounds happy. I opt for happy.
Unlike the foamy and overly sweet floats I enjoyed as a kid, this float is for serious grown ups. Three Olives Root Beer Vodka—a blend of imported English vodka with flavors of root beer—is the foundation of this drink. Served in a lowball, the drink is dark on bottom and white on top. The root beer flavored vodka is mixed with Coke. And it is topped with a mountain of creamy vanilla foam. One sip, and my day just got better.

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