Eat This: Tau Poco’s Moroccan Style Chicken

savor-Tau-PacoBy Jan Walsh       

Photography by Beau Gustafson


Tau Poco, located at 121 20th Street North, is Chris Dupont’s newest eatery (Dupont is also the chef and owner of MIX and Café Dupont, which is located on the same block as Tau Poco). The new place is a small lunch take-out spot that serves global street food. Tau Poco means tiny vessel in Vietnamese and Spanish, and true to its name, it has a few tables and approximately 20 seats.

Order from the counter and a menu painted on the wall. First, select one vessel among the options of cachapa, msemen, lettuce, or pork bun. Next, pick a protein from the list: steak, chicken, pork, sausage, or ceviche. Add a sauce or two to spice it up; you can choose from salsa borracho, chimichurri, bossam, spiracha aoli, or ginger scallion. Then, choose a side of kimchi, couscous, or plantains. Select a drink, and then grab your bag and go.

Today I select a divine Moroccan Style Chicken, with olives cooked between the skin and breast meat, which I place inside plump, warm pork buns and top with flavorful chimichurri and sriracha aoli sauces. And, I piled the tasty side of kimchi on top. Layers of colorful flavor, textures, heat, and spices excite my palate with each bite of this awesome lunch.

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