Drama, drama, wherefore art thou, drama?

In the world of a single, drama certainly comes into play.

by Samantha “Sam”  Foster

When we think of drama, many times thoughts of Shakespearian plays come to mind. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello—their plotlines filled with highs and lows, ups and downs, tragedy and comedy. Dramas are full of a spectrum of emotions, much like the dating world—but how should you approach this inevitable part of the single play?

The word “drama” is a derivative of the Greek word drao, which means “to do” (thanks, Wikipedia.) In the single world, you are “doing” a lot all the time. You go out on dates, analyze current situations and engage the opposite sex in witty banter—or so you hope. You laugh and smile when things are going well and, of course, get upset, frustrated or sad when things go awry. It’s a constant roller coaster and, much like a drama, can be filled with hysterical accounts—and also very tragic ones.

Single drama can be self-imposed, which is the drama you can control— but often don’t. When it comes to the two faces of drama, I have found that it is the Melpomene—the muse of tragedy (or the crying drama face)—that rears its ugly head.  Instances of Melpomene, self-imposed drama generally consist of tipsy crying fits, angry outbursts, aggressive late night booty texts, regrettable hookups and all the other examples of dwindling self–control to which yours truly (at least) can truly attest.

Single drama can also be caused by the person you admire, on whom you are crushing, with who you are currently involved, with who you wish you were currently involved or else the person you are currently stalking on the Internet. Oh, how the tide can turn with this drama causer!

One moment Melpomene can be the muse of the hour—then VOILA! Thalia, oh, sweet Thalia the muse of comedy (or the laughing face) can come into the picture. You’re as light as a feather. Butterflies are going. You’re on the proverbial “cloud nine.” And then, many times just as quickly, back around comes Melpomene once again.

Like a true Shakespearian drama, the ups and downs of the single life can also be caused by a third party—a jealous ex, a person interested in the same person you are or a disapproving friend/family member. From verbal altercations in public places, heated phone calls or angry and demeaning texts and emails, third parties can truly add an element of drama to the already emotional single mix.

The thing is, no one can ever escape drama. Each of us is inclined to experience Melpomene and Thalia from time to time. Drama and all its highs and lows are part of the single process, but the push and pull of emotions can sometimes ware on you and your well being. If you are tiring of the current “to do” of the dueling faces, then take a break. Wait until the next act.

No one can take too much stress, and if you feel yourself getting worn down by all of the characters in your single play, then take a bow until you’re ready to dive back into the spotlight. Remember fellow singles, in our world, you can always break a leg after you’ve sat out a few scenes.

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