Name That Drink

The new cucumber cocktail at 26 needs a name. 

By Jan Walsh    

Photography by Beau Gustafson


Ever wonder how cocktails are invented or how they get their names? The history of every cocktail is a unique one, and many have a connection to the circumstance through which they were invented.

I ate at 26 on my birthday, April 6. While I was there, I was chatting with executive chef and owner George Reis when his bartender, Jim Stout, brought a new cocktail over for Reis to taste. Reis loved it. And he had Stout make one for me to taste for a second opinion.

The drink is a mix of Jamison Irish Whiskey, Pimms No. 1, Regan’s Orange Bitters, Mr. Q. Cucumber Soda, and lemon juice. It arrives in a tall glass with a cucumber slice on the rim. It is brownish in color, fizzy in texture, and light in body. The whiskey mellows the acidity of the citrus and cucumber in this balanced, crisp cocktail. I agree this will make a clean and thirst-quenching summer drink. The drink is perfect for hot weather—and hot kitchens.

Now all it needs is a name. Please give it a taste at 26, and email me your idea for the perfect moniker at

2 Responses to “Name That Drink”

  1. marcie says:

    The name should be “Cool as a Cucumber”

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