The Magic Underground

Written and Produced by Lindsay Garrett

Photography by Kelly Steffey 

Wardrobe by  Harold&MOD

Hair and Makeup by MaryJane Clements Wahl, Katherine Dillard and Lindsay Garrett of Show Pony Productions

Shot at Collins Bar


Ladies and gentlemen, step right up for the magic show. The Magic Underground is here to amaze and astound you.  This selection of young muses is just a taste of what lies behind the curtain of our city’s fashion scene. Whether you need a goddess to grace the pages of a seasonal style spread or a fashionista extraordinaire to swagger down the catwalk, your wish is their command. Prepare to be dazzled. Prepared to be inspired. Prepare to take notice. Their charge to bring fashion front and center in Birmingham and their dedication to creating community awareness are just a couple of reasons The Magic Underground is Birmingfamous.

From left to right: Jade Patton, Brandon Wayne, Allie Phifer, Abbey Conlee, and Cody Spradlin.



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