Israel Interfaith Rally | Goat Busters

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A large interfaith rally for Israel, attended by some 500 people, was held July 29 at the Levite Jewish Community Center. Pictured speaking is Birmingham-born Michael Duvdevani, who grew up near the Gaza border. Projected behind him is a photo of his brother, Daniel Duvdevani, and Asaf Stein, both Birminghamians currently serving with the Israeli Defense Force in Gaza.

Photo by Larry Brook

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Kudzu and other non-native, invasive plants at Red Mountain Park may become park history if a herd of 50 goats continue to eat their way through designated areas. Owned by Goat Busters, LLC, of Afton, Virginia, the goats munched their way across 3.5 acres near the Hoist House and several closed mines for nine days in August. A portable, electrical fence and two Great Pyrenees mountain dogs guarded against predators. Goat Buster keepers were on hand to water and look after the herd daily.

Goat Busters was commissioned by the Red Mountain Park managers as an innovative method to eliminate the non-native plants without using herbicides. If the goat grazing program is successful, the herd will return for future visits.

Photo by Meg McKinney

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