Elizabeth Marie Farr

B Yourself NovName: Elizabeth Marie Farr

Age: 69


You use a palate knife to create bold, cut like painting marks on canvas. Can you share details about your process?

My process is erratic from day to day, but basically I start out with the colors in mind that I want to use and begin to apply paint with a brush or palate knife or other household instruments. I often use my hands and fingers as tools with paint, too.


Many of your paintings are large-scale canvases. Do you typically work on this scale?

At this age I find that life is too short and hours pass too quickly for me to spend time doing anything but what I am inspired to do. I am happiest when I am painting on  large-scale canvases. Small is difficult for me.


Sometimes you collaborate with other artists to paint a canvas. What is it like to work like that?

It pushes me for someone to hand me a half-finished painting and ask me to  finish it. I love how I have to take what they have already done and leave in much of their work and add my finish to it.


You have an upcoming show in December. What are you preparing for the show?

I do have our annual Winter Show at 21st Street Studios coming up on  Dec. 5. I have started a really large 6’ x 6’ canvas and hopefully will complete that for the show.


Who are some artists you are inspired by?

I love the works of Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaller.


What keeps you motivated most?

Just being in my studio every day is motivation.


As an abstract painter, what has been your most encouraging response from collectors, other artists, etc?

I love it when I am hearing comments that people make as they view my work, when they don’t know that I am near enough to hear what they say. This happens often when at a show crowded with people.


Farr’s work can been seen at

21st Street Studios at 111 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd.  South (by appointment)

Red Cross Corporate Headquarters at 114 22nd  Street South

Blackjack Gardens specialty store at 5549 Derby Drive, Irondale, AL.

Contact  Farr at Elizabethfarr@aol.com or follow her on  Facebook at Facebook.com/ElizabethMarieFarr.

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  1. Linda Brodrecht says:

    Awesome Elizabeth, your work is beautiful and just my style.

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