Beth Shelburne

Created and Produced by Lindsay Garrett

Photographer: Kelly Steffey

Hair Stylist: MaryJane Clements Wahl

Make-up: Diana Bostick

Wardrobe Stylist: Maacah Davis

Production Assistant: Katherine Dillard

Special Thanks to Jo Jo’s on Broadway and WBRC Fox 6



With a new year comes a new perspective, which is exactly what this Birmingham native represents. Though you may be familiar with her work as a local news anchor, there is more in her vintage handbag than just a pretty face in a compact mirror. She is a modern day femme fatale, relying not only on her beauty and charm to make her mark, but utilizing her intellect, ambition, and love for people and community to create positive change. Constantly evolving, she defies personal stagnancy and refuses to accept the status quo. She is currently building her educational arsenal by working on a degree in creative writing with the intention of applying her learnings to future documentary film projects. Conscientious, bold, and drop-dead gorgeous, this Magic City celeb exemplifies what a leading lady should be, and that is precisely why Beth Shelburne is Birmingfamous.


View the behind-the-scenes video by John and Katie Gaiser below:

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