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Wish 2 Enrich is an organization that partners with preschools, daycares, Mother’s Day Out programs, schools, and other organizations to ensure that children with hardships have the opportunity to be involved in enrichment activities. With scholarships and other funding, we offer opportunities for children to be involved in athletic programs, art, music, dance, gymnastics, computer, or any other enrichment activity that may be offered in the school. We also partner with other likeminded organizations to reach children in need of our services.



Wish 2 Enrich is a nonprofit organization established to enrich the lives of children through in-school programs. We provide scholarships so that children with family hardships can participate in these programs.


Name: Zach White

Age: 35

Hometown: Lived most of my life in Brandon, Mississippi, but have lived in Birmingham for the past 11 years.

Occupation: Founder/Director of Wish 2 Enrich


What motivated you to create a foundation for early childhood enrichment programs?

Personally, I grew up without my dad and have always wanted to work with kids and impact them positively because of the numerous coaches, teachers, mentors, etc., who poured into my life. I owned and operated a large enrichment program here in Birmingham for several years and through that was always running into children with hardships who needed to be involved in enrichment programs. I would always scholarship them for my program but quickly realized that it was hard to find out who these kids were who had hardships, and many were being overlooked. I also realized not every child wanted to participate in the sport that I was teaching. This is how the idea of Wish 2 Enrich came to me. I wanted an easy way for principals, school counselors, school directors, and teachers to be able to submit an application for children to participate in an enrichment program if that child had any type of hardship.


When were you founded?

December 2012


Share the process of forming w2e.

The idea for w2e initially came to me in 2010 and I started the process of researching the formation of a nonprofit soon after. It wasn’t until Dec. 2012 that we had all necessary documents in place to apply for our 501c3 from the IRS. At that point it was out of our hands and we waited 18 months to receive our confirmation letter.


Describe your best day at the organization and the worst.

The best day so far was July 9, 2014, when I received the letter from the IRS stating that we were an approved 501c3. There really hasn’t been a worst day yet. When you wake up and go to work every day knowing that your job is to help do good for others, it’s hard to have a bad day.


What would you want people to know about nonprofits, perhaps something that some may not be educated about?

Most know this, but without the support of the community, nonprofits would not be able to fulfill their mission. Nonprofits are real businesses that have the same needs as any other business and often times operate at a higher level of oversight to ensure that good work is being produced from your support.


How many children’s lives do you estimate you have enriched so far?

Through w2e, we have been able to provide scholarships for more than 150 children.


What type of grant funding do you receive?

None so far, but we are starting the process now of partnering with local municipalities to hopefully start receiving grants to help continue our mission.


Do you work alongside any other groups/foundations and if so, whom?

We are partnering with many area enrichment programs to help provide these services to children with hardships. So far we have partnered with Soccer Shots, The Knight School, Teddy Tennis, Northstar Martial Arts, and KidComp. We hope to add to this list as well as partner with other like-minded organizations to further our reach.


How can I make a tax-deductible donation?

Go to and click the Wish 2 Donate button or mail to 1776 Independence Ct Suite 303A Vestavia, AL 35216. Find out more information at or on Facebook at

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