Teens 4 Peace

Birmingfamous Feb 15

Creator/Producer: Lindsay Garrett
Photographer: Kelly Steffey
Production Assistant: Haley Hawkins
Special Thanks to Desert Island Supply Company

What the world needs now is Teens 4 Peace. And here’s a little taste of what we’re dreaming of….

While the rest of the country is in turmoil over division and inequality, these kids are determined to keep the local love alive in the Magic City. Omari and Max have been collaborating to bridge the diversity gap with a heap of passion for culture and art, a sprinkle of comedy, and the occasional toss of a football. Individually, one of them is defining his own musical landscapes and working with Step Pepper Records to embrace and propel other up-and-coming talent. The other is responsible for creating and producing some of the most innovative events to garner interest and support for many Birmingham creative communities. Together they are putting a spotlight where it belongs: community. Among these and many other noteworthy causes, Teens 4 Peace is why we believe Omari Jazz and Max Rykov are Birmingfamous.


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