Eat This: Continental Bakery’s Chocolate Swirl Tart

Savor-Feb-15-MixBy Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

I am a familiar face at Continental Bakery. I shop there for olive sourdough made that morning, farm eggs delivered fresh from McEwen’s farm, French feta, and decadent desserts. When I return to the car after a quick run into the bakery, my husband, Kev, always asks, “Did you find what you wanted?” And I know he asks this because he is hoping I have a little surprise for us—a chocolate chip cookie for him and chocolate truffles for myself. 

The bakery is a treasure. Owner and chef Carole Griffin opened Continental Bakery in Mountain Brook’s English Village in 1985. Ten years later, she opened Chez Lulu next door. And in 2014, she took over the former Mix and transformed it into Continental Bakery Downtown, located on Fourth Avenue North and 19th Street. Griffin’s commitment to natural methods and keeping her food free of unnecessary additives and artificial dough “enhancers” continues in her new downtown location. Today, Kev and I pop in for a little lunch at the downtown location—and dessert as well, of course. We select the chocolate swirl tart, a mix of dark and white chocolates that’s not too sweet but not bitter at all, on a flaky crust. Rather than a little surprise, perhaps we should take home a whole tart for Valentine’s Day.

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