Sprout and Purr

Sip-may15-sprout-an-pourThis Bottega Café cocktail is homegrown. 

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

You might have heard that cocktails are not quite as healthy as a big salad. Bottega Café’s new cocktail, the Sprout and Purr, dares to combine the two with the help of Sprout & Pour, Birmingham’s first cold-pressed juicery. Sprout and Purr includes a Sprout & Pour signature cold-pressed juice—Quench. Quench is a nutritious blend of romaine, mint, apples, celery, pineapple, and parsley.

Sprout & Pour’s juices are sourced with fruits and vegetables from local farms. The business has grown from a farm stand at Pepper Place Market to a juice and smoothie bar, located on Oxmoor Road in Homewood. Amanda Blake Turner and her husband, Andrew, began the juicing business as a result of the way juicing helped her recover from illness.

Most of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Sprout & Pour products provide a natural way to include more in our diets. I first tasted a “shot” of the Quench before tasting the cocktail. And I admit that at first glance, its very green appearance made me suspect how delicious it could be. But I loved it and plan to become a regular at the Homewood location, trying more of their products.

The Spout and Purr cocktail is served in an old-fashioned Champagne coupe. The cocktail is apple green with a white, frothy top, garnished with lemon peel. In addition to Quench, the cocktail also contains Cathead Vodka, which provides the “purr.” And a dose of tincture of lemon peel adds flavor and additional health benefits, beyond those of the Quench’s veggies and fruits. This tincture mixture is prepared from and includes lemon peel, which is far more nutritious than lemon juice. The drink is a lovely balance of ripe, fresh garden flavors with hints of celery and notes of lemon predominating. Try it. You will like it, and it is good for what ails you.

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