Michelson Mondays Pt. 2

Yessi 1Patient Spotlight

Yessi White

April 20, 2015 | View on Facebook

For working mother Yessi White, poor vision was slowing down her busy life.

“I had wanted to get LASIK for a few years, but hadn’t built the courage to undergo the procedure,” she explains. “Finally, when I ran out of contact lenses last December, I decided I would not reorder; it was time to get LASIK.”

White drove an hour and a half from her home in Jacksonville, AL so that she could have her surgery performed at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. by Marc Michelson, M.D., the leader in vision correction surgery in Birmingham. Dr. Michelson is renowned statewide for providing patients with world-class care ever since he performed Alabama’s first vision correction surgery in 1991.

“My optometrist recommended I visit Dr. Michelson for a consultation,” says White. “I also have friends and coworkers who have had LASIK performed by Dr. Michelson at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. and have been extremely satisfied with the results.”

Following a quick surgery and recovery time, White now boasts that she sees in 20/15 vision.

“Waking up every morning and being able to see without reaching over to the nightstand in search for my glasses has been amazing,” she smiles. “I can enjoy playing with my daughter and no longer have to worry about her reaching for my glasses and breaking them.”

Yessi 3Life is hectic, but seeing clearly without the fuss of glasses or contacts makes White’s day-to-day a little bit easier. And for White, one less stress makes all the difference.

“Anyone considering LASIK surgery should stop considering and get it done,” she says. “I was able to see results immediately.”

If you’re ready to make life easier with clear vision, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michelson at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. by calling 205-969-8100 or visiting www.michelsonlaservision.com.

JennaGrace wake surfing

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Patient Spotlight

JennaGrace Earnest

April 27, 2015 | View on Facebook

“Being a graduate of UAB, I have seen firsthand just how advanced the practice of medicine is in Birmingham,” says JennaGrace Earnest, a nurse practitioner who currently resides in Tupelo, MS. “My hunt for the perfect Ophthalmologist was over as soon as I met Dr. Michelson.”

Earnest lives with an eye condition called Oculocardiac Reflex that has made her dependent on eye glasses for the past 10 years.

“Because of my condition, I can’t have pressure on my eye, or my heart rate will drop,” Earnest explains. “Due to this, I have a terrible fear and dread when it comes to annual eye exams and procedures.”

However, all of Earnest’s anxieties disappeared during her first LASIK consultation with Dr. Marc Michelson at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc.

“I was greeted with a smile and reassured that everyone in the office knew about my ‘special eyes’ and would ensure I was taken care of,” she says, smiling. “I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.”

Other eye doctors had always told Earnest nothing could be done about her eyesight, but Dr. Michelson’s decades of experience and cutting-edge technology allowed Earnest to get the LASIK surgery she had always desired.

“Dr. Michelson’s knowledge and concern about my condition was the first thing that set him apart from the rest,” says Earnest. “He has not only been recognized locally and at the state level, but also at the national level for his work.”

JennaGrace Mississippi State football game 2Earnest traveled six hours round trip to have her vision correction surgery performed by Dr. Michelson. After a 15-minute bladeless surgery, Earnest achieved 20/15 vision, something she never thought was possible.

“I am actually one week and a few days post-op now,” she says. “I am still adjusting to my ‘new eyes’ and being free of glasses. So far, it’s incredible.”

If you have a special eye condition and desire LASIK surgery, call Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. at 205-969-8100 or visit www.michelsonlaservision.com to find out if you are a candidate for vision correction surgery.

Kelsey Eiman 2

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Patient Spotlight

Kelsey Eiman

May 4, 2015 | View on Facebook

“When your eye doctor tells you he would trust his own vision with Dr. Michelson, you know he’s the best,” says Kelsey Eiman, a longtime sufferer of poor vision currently living in Dora, Alabama.

“I was tired of relying on glasses or people around me to see,” Eiman explains. “I couldn’t even see the big ‘E’ on the eye chart without glasses.”

Eiman explains that the hassle of glasses left her feeling helpless; that’s when she decided it was time to reclaim the fun she should be having at this stage in her life. She booked an initial consultation with Dr. Marc Michelson of Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. to discuss her candidacy for LASIK surgery.

Dr. Michelson is recognized across the state of Alabama as a leader in vision correction surgery. He is the only doctor in the state with access to the WaveLight EX500 Excimer, the fastest platform for surgery approved by the FDA in the U.S. This bladeless device can typically perform LASIK surgery in less than 15 minutes.

“As someone who doesn’t respond well to pain, I was quite nervous beforehand,” says Eiman. “The procedure, however, was absolutely painless, and it was over in less than 10 minutes.”

By the next morning, Eiman could see with 20/15 vision.

“I was able to see everything from road signs to the leaves on the trees, all without glasses,” she smiles.

Kelsey Eiman 3Eiman is just one of the thousands of local patients who sees with restored vision since getting LASIK with Dr. Michelson. Moving forward, Dr. Michelson will be able to help even more patients as he opens his new location at UAB Highlands.

The Michelson Laser Vision team invites you to join them on May 21st from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for their open house event, where you can learn more about LASIK and other vision correction options.

Says Eiman, “The gift of sight is truly an incredible thing, and Dr. Michelson is dedicated to providing it to anyone and everyone.”

Find out more about Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. by visiting www.michelsonlaservision.com or calling 205-969-8100.

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Evon Vest 1Patient Spotlight

Evon Vest

May 11, 2015 | View on Facebook

“I wore contact lenses for over three decades,” says Evon Vest, a registered nurse who lives in Oxford, AL with her husband. “So, I set a goal to have LASIK surgery by the time I turned 45 years old.”

However, Vest explains, her combination of astigmatism and farsightedness resulted in eye doctors telling her she was not a candidate for LASIK surgery. Vest had resigned to wearing contact lenses forever until a friend told her of his recent vision correction surgery with Marc Michelson, M.D. at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc.

“We had the same vision problems,” says Vest. “I told my husband that if Dr. Michelson can correct our friend’s vision, then surely he can correct mine.”

Since 1991, Dr. Michelson has restored the vision of many Alabama patients who thought they had to settle for living with their poor vision. Located at UAB Highlands, Dr. Michelson has corrected nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism in thousands of patients over the past 24 years.

As for Vest, it only took a few minutes before her decades of living with poor vision were corrected.

“I believe my surgery took less than 5 minutes,” says Vest. “My husband and daughter stood outside the window and watched it take place on a TV monitor.”

Evon Vest 3Now, this busy nurse sees life with restored vision and recommends to anyone else suffering from poor eyesight to consider LASIK for themselves.

“I have found LASIK to be more cost-effective in the long run,” Vest explains. “The accumulative costs of contacts and cleaners in the past 30 years surpasses the cost of my surgery.”

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your lifelong poor vision, schedule a consultation with Michelson Laser Vision by calling 205-969-8100 or visiting its website at www.michelsonlaservision.com.

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