Be Yourself! Challenge:

Dress the Part

By Lee Ann Brown

Each day, we get the chance to express our inner personality, to show the world who we really are, to project the inner image of ourselves into the outer world (do bad hair days count? Gulp!), and fashion is a big part of that image (thank goodness for hats-tres glam!), and let’s face it, fashion is FUN! I love to dress up and to look as fashionable as anyone.

Fashion offers such a fun and creative opportunity to inject some glamorous style into your day, to say, “I am fabulously glamorous in my leopard print dress, black hat, long black gloves, large dark glasses, and stilettos,” or whoever you are that day! But sadly, so many people are afraid to wear something that they really love for fear of being different, or people making fun of them. Fear again! I thought we got over that, months ago. And I just don’t happen to believe in conformity (remember Being Rebellious?). It’s crazy why fashion seems to cause people the most concern. It really should be a fun part of everyday. I think we all have different parts to our personalities, so I am all for dressing the part for how you feel that day. I do, however, believe that certain occasions call for dressing respectfully, but even then, you can always add a bit of your personal style into the outfit while still being considerate of the occasion.

But of course, being ourselves is about so much more than being all dressed up in some pretty little package. It may sound clichéd, but it is true, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I even hate to say it, it sounds so routine, but what can I say, we all know it’s true, really. Being, feeling, your most glamorous, is about bringing out the best part of your self, inside and out, and sharing it with those around you. It’s about being confident in who you are. Your loved ones will be excited to get to know your true personality and not just someone you thought they would like. There’s no truth in that. It’s about expressing your inner you, through your dressing, your music, your hobbies and pastimes, your whole lifestyle. So don’t be shy about revealing the real you lurking in there. Have fun with it! Bring her (or him) out and dress her up and introduce her to the world. So that is the challenge this month: Absolutely commit to shining a light on a part of your personality that you have hidden away somewhere under the uniform of your daily dressing. If you want to dye your hair red, do it! If you want to get a tattoo-get it! Wear four-inch heels with that leopard print dress. Get a makeover. Put on that little pillbox hat you bought but have never worn. Whatever it is inside of you that you have wanted to share with the world, this is the month to do it. The most glamorous accessory you can own is a fully realized sense of self. So have fun and play dress up. We want to meet the real, glamorous you. Who are YOU?

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