Single Takes a Backseat in Times Like These

give the love you have to those around you that might need it

Put Your Want and Need for Love into Others

by Samantha “Sam”  Foster

Soon after the tragedy that befell our state on April 27, I had the opportunity to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta (thanks to an on–site business meeting.) If you’ve never gone, it’s a very emotional experience to see the final resting place of such an influential, Godly and peaceful man, in addition to images and videos while he was alive, fighting for racial equality across our nation.

As I was walking back to my car that day, I passed a marker with the following quotation from Dr. King: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” I quickly thought of my recently broken state—its pain and suffering, its immense loss of life and its utter destruction. But I then thought of the outpouring of support from others, be it those who were not affected, both in-state and across state lines, and I thought how proud Dr. King would be to see how much good people do in times of trial, despite all the bitterness, jaded hearts and pain in the world.

I know I write a lot about the nagging strains being a single 30-something can bring. I know I ponder the “why” of situations of the heart and the emptiness one can feel as the single world keeps spinning with you on its axis. However, in times like these, you realize that those issues are fleeting, those grievances trivial and those emotions a far cry from those that people are feeling in times like we’ve experienced in the past month.

Many of us singles find ourselves yearning to show the love in our hearts, which we cannot seem to do as we jump from train wreck to train wreck in love. I say that now is the perfect time to fill any void in expressing your love by giving to others at this difficult moment in our state’s history. Take romance out of your mind set, if you can, and place that emotion in contributing to people on whom you may never lay eyes.

Donate your time to groups like Hands on Birmingham or to local churches traveling to Tuscaloosa, Pratt City and other areas of the state to continue cleanup efforts. Clean out your closets and donate what you no longer need to those who have lost everything. Provide items to care for displaced pets to sustain them until they can be reunited with their owners. Give, love and help heal our state as much as your schedule allows and your heart desires. Even if your involvement takes place months from now, continue. As we all know, this effort is, and will be, ongoing.

Love is a powerful, powerful thing, and in the wake of such a monumental tragedy as the one Alabama will reel from for months to come, it is vital to show love to your fellow man through charity work, monetary support (if you are able) and, most importantly, thoughts and prayers.

Yes, I will continue to write on the ups and downs of singles, but I hope you, like me, have your eyes wide open as to what is most important in this life—love of one another, the lives of friends and family, kindness, compassion and a giving spirit.

My heart goes out to anyone reading this that was directly affected, and please know my prayers are with you daily. God bless our state at this time and always, and remember to continue making every day count in love and life.

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