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3What is a Shyfter?

August 17, 2015 | View on Facebook

“The time is now for Birmingham–we are changing, we are evolving–and the spirit of the people and energy can be seen on almost every street,” says Lindsey West, Director of Zyp BikeShare – Birmingham, the newest bike share program that is gearing up our city for the latest in eco-friendly transportation.

Launching membership sales online today, Zyp will introduce more than 400 bicycles and 40 bike stations to our city, allowing the Birmingham community to immerse themselves in Magic City exploration and bring the concept of traveling from Point A to Point B to a whole new level.

“Zyp BikeShare is the first electric pedal assist (pedelec) bike share program in North and South America,” says West, who explains that the pedelec option makes biking on the city’s hilly terrain easier for cyclists. “Birmingham will now be listed among international bike-friendly cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Copenhagen for being at the forefront of this new wave of bike share technology.”

8Those interested in connecting to Zyp BikeShare straight away now have the opportunity to sign up for the Shyfter membership program, which provides exclusive 2-year membership benefits to the first 200 people who sign up.

“The Shyfters are our early believers, and they are responsible for a cultural shift in Birmingham’s connectivity, activity, and sustainability,” says West. “They take pride in our city and value progress. After all, you can only be first once.”

We are living in an exciting time for Birmingham, and Zyp BikeShare is thrilled to be a part of the city’s ever-developing cultural landscape.

West continues, “Zyp BikeShare will be another community investment that Birmingham can hang their hat on as a success.Offering an alternative means of moving around the city–a fun and healthy alternative, at that–only increases our vibrancy, momentum, and magic.”

Find out more about Zyp BikeShare and how you can grab one of the first 200 Shyfter memberships at www.zypbikeshare.com


Changing Birmingham for the Better

August 24, 2015 | View on Facebook

“You cannot underestimate the impact of vibrancy, of seeing people moving about the city and enjoying their community,” says REV Birmingham CEO David Fleming. “It produces a cultural effect felt by many.”

Last week, online membership sales launched for Zyp BikeShare – Birmingham, our city’s brand new community bikesharing program. With 400 bikes set to be stationed throughout Birmingham, Zyp members will be able to travel through the city in a fresh, innovative way.

As an organization focused on energizing the Magic City, REV Birmingham was quick to partner with Zyp Bikeshare as it embarks on being the first city in North America to introduce a pedal assist (pedelec) program.

“When REV was approached about implementing bikeshare, we were struck by how big the project was,” says Fleming. “Zyp is a massive opportunity to change the landscape of downtown and inject a sense of vibrancy into the streets of Birmingham.”

In addition to offering an affordable and healthy way for Birminghamians to connect to our city’s neighborhoods, studies have shown that bikeshare users are more likely to stop and make purchases at local businesses than automobile drivers.

11With convenience at the forefront on Zyp’s mission, bikesharing provides a truly immersive experience for members.

“Zyp will be a draw to people interested in living, working, or visiting downtown,” explains Fleming. It will entice more people to learn about biking in an urban, auto-centric environment. It will support small retail businesses downtown, solve a transportation challenge for many, and improve health outcomes.”

Simply put, Zyp BikeShare will change Birmingham for the better.

Says Fleming, “Birmingham should be excited about expanding our transportation options. This initiative offers everyone an opportunity to see what Birmingham has to offer from a whole new perspective.”

If you’re ready to hop on a bike and cycle through the Magic City, check out Zyp BikeShare’s website, where you can learn more about the system and how you can become a member. Learn more at www.zypbikeshare.com


4Keeping it Local

August 31, 2015 | View on Facebook

Birmingham’s latest transportation system, Zyp BikeShare – Birmingham, could be described as convenient, innovative, or eco-friendly. But for many, the up-and-coming bike share program is best summed up in one word: local.

“When we say local, we mean local,” says Michael Symes, sales and marketing coordinator for Zyp. “Our stations are being produced in Alabama, and our bikes will be assembled here in Birmingham.”

For Zyp BikeShare—which will introduce 400 bicycles (100 with electric pedal assist) and 40 stations to downtown Birmingham in September—a local focus doesn’t stop with production. In fact, the design of the bike stations takes inspiration from our city’s unique landscape.

“We had the amazing ability to collaborate with the designer, and that allowed us to integrate the many nuances of our city,” Symes explains. “You’ll notice the tapered pillars match the smoke stacks synonymous with Birmingham, the corrugated metal on our kiosks relate to Regions Field and Railroad Park, and the subtle design gestures are inspired by Vulcan and Red Mountain Park.”

With the promise of changing how the community interacts with our city, it is only natural that the bikes themselves give a nod to Birmingham culture. As for kiosk locations, Zyp BikeShare’s plans include stations posted everywhere from Avondale to Titusville, from Uptown to Five Points South.

2“You will be hard-pressed to go a couple of blocks without finding a station that is convenient to your daily activities,” says Symes.

At the end of the day, Zyp is all about providing Birmingham with a modern and sustainable form of transportation that allows them to better engage with all the city has to offer.

“We are a group of local individuals working to make moving through Birmingham easy, convenient, and fun for everyone,” says Symes, smiling. “We really want Birmingham to take ownership of that.”

Find out more about Zyp BikeShare and how you can become a member by visiting its website at www.zypbikeshare.com.


7Zyp BikeShare FAQs

November 2, 2015 | View on Facebook

Have you seen the green Zyp bicycles “zypping” around downtown Birmingham lately? We are excited that our city’s first-ever bike share program, Zyp BikeShare – Birmingham, has launched, with more and more people using them every day.

For those who have given Zyp a try (and those who are ready to), we’re chatting with Michael Symes of Zyp BikeShare for answers to the most common FAQs they’ve received:

1. What are the overtime fees?

Every time you check out a bike, you get 45 minutes’ worth of ride time included. This time limit is to ensure an individual does not check out a bike and stash it away in their office or loft for an extended period of time (and so you have ample bikes in the system to choose from.)

You have as many rentals per day as you want, so if you are anticipating a longer outing, just dock your bike every 40 or so minutes and immediately check that bike out again. Your 45 minutes starts over each time! Luckily, overtime charges are minimal at $2.00 for the first 0 – 30 minutes, and $4.00 and each additional ½ hour thereafter, so don’t be too afraid. Overtime charges will be capped at $74 a day, which is 10 consecutive hours of usage. We recommend you just don’t get to that point.

62. I noticed that you guys took $75 out of my account?

Don’t worry, we are NOT charging anyone $75 for a daily use. If using a debit card when purchasing a 24 hour or 7-Day membership, this is simply a hold fee in case you keep the bike out all day – or longer. This is similar to a gas station or hotel hold. Once your membership expires (24 hours or 7 days), the hold is released according to your bank. Some holds take a few hours and others can take up to 10 days. Call your bank to inquire when they plan on releasing or if they can release it quicker! You can avoid this completely by using a credit card instead of your debit card.

3. I don’t understand the lock in the basket—how does it work?

Stopping for a quick cup of coffee and don’t feel like docking? No worries! Zyp has included a secondary lock that allows you to retain possession of your bike while you make an intermediate stop. The lock goes in the right hand side next to the wheel (driver/rider right side)– it looks like a tuning fork and goes into that slot. Push up, feel the click, and wait for the sound. Once the bike is locked, the screen will say “bike locked.” But remember, the secondary lock does not pause your 45 minute rental time, so make sure this is a quick stop!

4. The kiosk screen is black–is it off?

The kiosk screens go into a sleep mode if not used for a period of time. Just place your finger on the screen for up to 5 seconds to wake it up! If that does not work, the screen may be frozen. To help us prevent kiosks from freezing, please make single selections and be patient with responses. These are not as fast as cell phones. If you press a button multiple times without a response, it is probably trying to catch up from the initial selection. Also, press the screen firmly for a selection. The user behind you will appreciate this as well!

3Lastly, we’d like to remind everyone that safety is a priority to Zyp, and we encourage all riders to use appropriate gear, such as a helmet. Always stay focused and pay attention when riding – you are still in control of a vehicle! We have safety tips directly on the bike, as well as a section on our website and kiosks. And be on the lookout for more information, such as a video series and free workshops in the near future!

For more safety advice and helpful hints, please search the hashtag ‪#‎ZypTip‬ on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where the Zyp team will be providing their own guidance, as well as answering your questions. See you on the streets!

Check out the photos below from real people in Birmingham who have been bicycling with Zyp, and click this link for a video on how to cycle in the city: http://bit.ly/1NDATLx

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