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Fall 3Fall Flowers 101

September 22, 2015 | View on Facebook

There isn’t anything quite like the crisp air and golden fall leaves that start to emerge this time of year. We’re chatting with Birmingham’s floral expert Dorothy McDaniel of Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market to get her top tips for introducing fall décor indoors.

“I love bringing in the rich fall tones of corals, oranges, reds, yellows, and purples,” she says. “These colors combined with the natural branches, leaves, pumpkins, and gourds make for a lovely fall arrangement.”

McDaniel explains that a beautiful autumnal centerpiece isn’t limited to foliage, though. Bulb flowers like tulips and irises, along with a variety of classic garden roses and peonies, are readily available during the fall season.

“Remember, the seasons here in Alabama are different than in other parts of the world,” says McDaniel. “Our flower market brings in flowers from across the globe, so we can get almost any flower at any time.”

IMG_0664To bring a seasonal element to a floral centerpiece, McDaniel recommends adding natural textures like curly willow or pliable branches to a vase before arranging the flowers. The container itself can also be creatively adapted for autumn.

“We love scooping out pumpkins, putting in a plastic liner and oasis, and filling it with flowers,” McDaniel says. “We also like using containers embellished with rope, twine, or burlap for a fall look.”

One of McDaniel’s favorite fall ideas is taking leaves from her own backyard and interspersing them within a floral centerpiece.

“To make the leaves last, you’ll want to condition them by giving the branches a clean, angular cut and removing the lower leaves,” she explains. “Put them in tepid water and let them drink for several hours before adding them to your arrangement.”

Take inspiration from the gorgeous colors and textures surrounding you this season as you bring the outdoors in. Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market has plenty of fall blooms, containers, and foliage to get you started or create a beautiful arrangement for you.

Stop by the store located on 3300 3rd Avenue South to check out their new fall décor or learn more by visiting the website at www.dorothymcdaniel.com

Wedding 2Wedding Flower Trends

September 29, 2015 | View on Facebook

Fall wedding season in Birmingham has begun, and with it, brides are bringing the beauty of autumn to their big days. We’re back with Dorothy McDaniel of Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market for her expert opinion on the top fall floral wedding trends, starting with the crowning glory: the bride’s bouquet.

“The trend is definitely towards more unstructured bouquets with lots of texture, like succulents, pods, and berries,” says McDaniel. For the southern bride who celebrates the sentimental, the bouquet can also be the ideal place to add piece of her family’s history.

“You know that old adage ‘What goes around comes around’? Girls are looking for something different and a bit retro,” McDaniel says. “We can take a bride’s family heirloom jewelry or lace from her mother’s wedding dress and incorporate it into her bouquet.”

As for the venue, decorating with fall blooms doesn’t stop at table centerpieces; McDaniel loves using flowers to bring natural elegance to a reception space by adorning light fixtures, chair backs, and railings with lush garlands and floral sprays.

Says McDaniel, “Most brides also like something on the venue doors, like their initials mossed or a wreath of flowers attached to a beautiful ribbon.”

Wedding 7McDaniel recommends to all brides that before coming to her, they start by researching which flowers they love or loathe so that her team can bring that vision to life.

“There is a great site I use called www.cutflower.com,” explains McDaniel. “It lists every conceivable flower and adds the seasonal availability, so you narrow down flowers based on the time of year you’re getting married.”

Whether you’re a classic peony bride or all about baby’s breath, McDaniel adores working with each bride’s unique flower style for her wedding day. To learn more about Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market, visit the shop at 3300 3rd Avenue South or check it out online at www.dorothymcdaniel.com

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