Love Stories: Corbin + Callie

MM_271 [125899]He popped the question using a line from a much-loved movie, and their love story became nothing short of a fairytale. When Callie Anne, 25, first met Corbin Taylor, 24, she instantly felt they were always meant to find each other—they were just waiting until the timing was right. Since that first meeting, the two have been inseparable, and their storybook romance now leads them down the aisle. This is their love story.

How did you two meet?

Callie: We first met through mutual friends in college. He was going to Auburn at the time, and I was at Alabama. I felt something when I met him that I had never experienced with anyone else—we were drawn to each other in a way that was instantly special.

Corbin: My first impression of Callie was that she was so kind, sweet, and cute. I knew that wouldn’t be my last time to see her, but I had no idea how great everything was going to be.

Tell us about your favorite date.

Corbin: We had planned our first date for the weekend, but the Tuesday before I just couldn’t wait any longer and texted her asking if she was doing anything that night. She said she was free, so I left right after class and drove all the way to Tuscaloosa to take her to dinner.

Callie: I had so much fun that night, and I remember being so excited to see him in person again. I couldn’t believe he drove six hours round trip on a weeknight just to see me for a couple of hours. It didn’t matter where we were, or what we did, I just loved being with him.

When did you realize you had met the one?

Callie: We had been talking about getting a promise ring, and one day he picked up a pen from my desk and drew an engagement ring on my left hand. He told me that this was our finish line, and that one day we would be in a place where we we’d never have to be apart again.

Corbin: For me, it was when I started realizing that I was going through my day without paying much attention to anything because I was so ready to get home and call her. I realized that I never wanted to be at a point in my life without her.

IMG_6888Tell us about the proposal.

Corbin: I thought that New Year’s Eve would be a great date, and I decided to take her to the ice skating rink in Pelham–that’s where I first told her I loved her. After we skated for a bit, I asked her over to a penalty box for a rest. Somehow, I was able to get on one knee wearing ice skates without hurting anyone. I asked her to marry me using the proposal line from Frozen.

Callie: As he opened the ring box, he said, “Can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?” I was completely surprised and of course said “yes!” Later that night, we walked hand in hand, and I remember looking at my ring sparkling in the soft moonlight. It was the most romantic night I have ever had—just like a fairytale.

What was your experience like shopping for the ring at Diamonds Direct?

Corbin: It was great! I was able to look at what I wanted and ask all the questions I could think of. I love the ring because it’s something she’ll look forward to putting on every single day.

Callie: Once I tried it on, I knew it was the perfect ring. The center round diamond is surrounded by several smaller diamonds that remind me of flower petals. We had such a great experience shopping for my engagement ring that we went back to select our wedding bands.

Now that you’ve found the one, what advice would you give to someone else about love?

Corbin: When you’re in a relationship, it stops being “you and me,” and it becomes “us.” You’re in it together now, and you need to face life as a team.

Callie: Love isn’t always about being perfect or overly romantic all the time. It’s simply about living, and finding that one person who loves you, flaws and all, and who wouldn’t change a thing about you.

IMG_2533What are you most looking forward to about spending the rest of your lives together?

Callie: I am most looking forward to going on new adventures together. There is so much of the world I haven’t seen, and I can’t wait to share all kinds of new and exciting experiences with him.

Corbin: Everything. Traveling, buying a house together, decorating that house, and experiencing everything life has to offer. I am just excited that whatever happens with our lives gets to happen together.

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