Dr. Daniel Rousso

Dr. Rousso with his family.

Dr. Rousso with his family.

The Art of Surgery

October 1, 2015 | View on Facebook

From the time he was a young boy growing up in the south, Dr. Daniel E. Rousso has had a special fascination with creating art. With both a father and uncle who sculpted and painted, an innate eye for fine beauty and artistry developed within him early on, ultimately leading him down a career path most would find unexpected: facial plastic surgery.

“I have always enjoyed ‘building’ things with my hands,” explains Dr. Rousso. “Facial plastic surgery allows me to express my artistic skills while simultaneously caring for patients.”

For Dr. Rousso, nothing requires the precision and innate skill of an artist quite like the human face. With an expert understanding of the many nuances of facial anatomy, Dr. Rousso takes pride in being able to show patients the finished result before ever performing surgery. This gift allows him to help patients understand what outcome to expect from their procedure.

Dr. Rousso’s accolades over the years speak for themselves—he has earned a “Best Doctors” title since 2005, served as president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, and contributed to numerous scientific journals.

What truly distinguishes Dr. Rousso’s practice, however, is his reputation as a fellowship director in his field. Known for his signature “natural faces,” Dr. Rousso devotes part of his career to educating young physicians on his meticulous, artistic techniques.

A painting by Dr. Rousso's father hangs in his office.

A painting by Dr. Rousso’s father hangs in his office.

“My philosophy has always been to give patients a natural, rested result,” Dr. Rousso explains. “I never want to give a patient an over-operated appearance; they should look as though they haven’t had any surgery.”

Dr. Rousso has always felt a calling towards art, and he has found a unique way to create beauty by bringing out his patients’ inner beauty and self-esteem.

“I have made facial plastic surgery my life’s passion since medical school,” he says. “I derive a lot of satisfaction in knowing that I improve patients’ lives and increase their self-confidence.”

Dr. Daniel Rousso’s Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic and Aesthetic Medical Spa is located here in Birmingham, AL. Learn more about Dr. Rousso and his practice at www.drrousso.com

Week 2 - BotoxInjectables & Fillers

October 8, 2015 | View on Facebook

When it comes to growing older, everyone seems to have their own perspective. With the aging process comes life experiences, lasting memories, and insight. More often than not, what also comes are visible fine lines and wrinkles that tell the stories of a life well lived.

“As this happens, many patients will come to me to explore what options are available to them to keep them looking fresh and young,” says Dr. Daniel E. Rousso, one of Birmingham’s top facial plastic surgeons. “With injectables and fillers, we can offer a non-surgical alternative that will help them look and feel better about themselves.”

Injectables and fillers help address the early signs of aging in a way that is less invasive and less costly than surgery can often be. And with a “natural faces” signature, Dr. Rousso’s precise application means a patient’s friends can’t quite put their finger on the source of her renewed vitality.

“Unless the patients reveal it themselves, no one can really tell they have had something done,” says Dr. Rousso.

As the popularity of injectables and fillers grows, so does the offering of innovative products offering subtle, targeted results.

“The filler is selected based on the patient’s area of concern,” says Dr. Rousso. “For example, for patients who have lost that youthful facial volume, we may select Voluma to restore volume to the check area.”

One of the newest injectables is Kybella, an FDA-approved product that targets fat beneath the chin, more commonly known as a “double chin.” Dr. Rousso is one of the few select physicians in the country chosen to train other physicians in proper techniques, so his skill in this injectable speaks for itself.

“It is important to understand that there is an art to injecting successfully to achieve the desired result,” he says. “The more knowledgeable and experienced the physician, the better the outcome.”

Ultimately, everyone approaches how they age differently. When a desire to look and feel more vibrant, Dr. Rousso is skilled to provide subtle, natural options for patients.

Dr. Daniel Rousso’s Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic and Aesthetic Medical Spa is located here in Birmingham, AL. Learn more about Dr. Rousso and his practice at www.drrousso.com

Rousso Spa 3The Medical Spa: A Peaceful Oasis

October 15, 2015 | View on Facebook

A quiet oasis tucked in the back of Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery, the Rousso Aesthetic Medical Spa balances a relaxing spa atmosphere with medical-grade skin care. First developed by Daniel E. Rousso, MD years ago to extend the facial services he is able to offer to Birmingham, the Med Spa is now renowned for its all-encompassing skin care solutions.

When you step inside, you are greeted by the Med Spa’s Master Aesthetician, Alissa Lobdell, who consults one-on-one with each patient to discuss his or her unique skin concerns and create tailored treatment solutions.

“Our Spa has the ability to offer customized treatment plans, which often include a medical component,” Lobdell explains. “This results in optimal patient outcomes only possible in a physician-directed Medical Spa.”

Last year, Dr. Rousso added the DermaPen to his Med Spa’s available treatments. A favorite amongst patients, this innovative skin needling device treats acne scarring, pigmentation, pore size, and wrinkles. Because the Spa is located adjacent to Dr. Rousso’s office, he can expertly guide the treatment and ensure the most comfortable experience possible.

For patients wary of plastic surgery, the Med Spa offers effective, non-invasive options to lift, tighten, or treat the face. For others, these medical spa treatments can help maintain results from facial plastic surgery.

Master Esthetician Alissa Lobdell

Master Esthetician Alissa Lobdell

Says Dr. Rousso, “Our Medical Spa compliments our facial plastic surgery practice ideally, because it delivers unique, high quality spa services for our patients.”

For Dr. Rousso, every face is beautifully unique, and each treatment solution should be just as unique and expertly personalized to meet each patient’s needs.

Dr. Rousso’s Aesthetic Medical Spa is located within his Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic off of Highway 280 in Birmingham. Learn more about Dr. Rousso’s face and skin care solutions by visiting his website at www.drrousso.com


Rob and Rousso 1Patient Spotlight: Robert M. and Hair Restoration

October 22, 2015 | View on Facebook

“I think there’s a double standard, in that men don’t always feel like they can enhance their appearance—they either forego it or stay secretive about it,” says Robert M., a 38-year-old sales executive and father. “I want to let men know that it’s OK to not want a receding hairline.”

As a former film actor, Robert has an eye for the aesthetic, and he knows that just like women, many men wish to maintain a fresh, youthful appearance as they age.

“For my career, I’m often speaking in front of large groups and traveling the country, and I think my appearance matters,” he explains. “I can lose my hair and accept it, but I live in time when I don’t have to.”

Before NeoGraft

Before NeoGraft

Robert opted to undergo NeoGraft hair restoration with Daniel E. Rousso, MD, the only physician performing NeoGraft in the entire state of Alabama who is board certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

“What really impressed me with Dr. Rousso is how he focuses on the art and science of plastic surgery,” says Robert. “When it comes to hair restoration, an eye for art matters.”

As the latest in hair restoration technology, NeoGraft provides a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional hair restoration techniques. With no incisions or linear scars, NeoGraft offers patients a quicker recovery time and a natural, blended hairline. As for Robert, he was back working a full day at the office the day following his NeoGraft procedure.

“If someone compliments me on my hair, I’m happy to tell them that I got NeoGraft,” he says, smiling. “I look at photos of me before the procedure and photos of me now, and now I think I look about five years younger.”

After NeoGraft

After NeoGraft

As someone who has seen the difference hair restoration can make for his own self-image, Robert heartily supports other men who choose to restore a fuller hairline with NeoGraft and Dr. Rousso.

“I’m proud of my decision, and I want to encourage men to step out from societal norms,” he explains. “Dr. Rousso is very compassionate—he’s good at what he does, and he’s also a good person.”

Learn more about Dr. Rousso’s NeoGraft procedure at www.drrousso.com/neograft-process.

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