Sleep Wins

Sleep 1The links between proper sleep and performance on the athletic field, on the job, and throughout life have never been clearer. DEEPSPORTTM has developed bedding that can make a difference in your life.

Written by Joe O’Donnell

The last eight hours of the day are both the most neglected and important span of time in the daily life of a person, whether young, middle-aged, or elderly, athlete or couch potato. Sleep is vital to our well-being in so many ways.

Rubin Hanan has spent his entire career in the sports industry, from running companies such as Champs Sports and Foot Locker Canada to licensing technologies. In 2009, Hanan left Champs Sports as president and CEO to start his own consulting group called Executive Leadership Intelligence (ELI), named after his son. Over the past three years, ELI has been licensing technologies that can help athletes perform at their best and recover faster all naturally, through FDA and clinically tested products. That quest led Hanan to DEEPSPORTTM’s DermaTherapy®. “Sleep affects everyone. It affects our livelihood, well–being, cognitive skills, diet, healing, disease, and memory. With athletes, it affects performance and recovery,” Hanan says.

“The largest sports manufacturers are focused on athletes from the time they get up until the time they go to bed. Scientific evidence has shown that eight hours of quality sleep are just as important as proper diet and exercise. You train in performance wear. You play in performance wear. So why should you sleep in old–fashioned cotton sheets that do not breathe, do not reduce night sweats, do not dry quickly, do not prevent nasty odors, and do not defend against bacterial growth? I’ll answer that question for you: You shouldn’t,” Hanan says. “We have embarked on the athletic side of the category by focusing on those last eight or 10 hours of the day. Companies like Under Armour and Nike are focused on the rest of the day for athletes. We are focused on those all-important hours of sleep.”

In 1996, Hanan says, 100 percent of athletic wear was cotton clothing. Now that has made a complete flip and the lion’s share of athletes train and compete in performance wear. “We are going to create the same change in the bedding space,” Hanan says. DEEPSPORTTM has a deep bench when it comes to research and development. DEEPSPORTTM Athletic Bedding was designed to help athletes sleep better with more uninterrupted sleep, increased comfort, and healthier sleep conditions. The patented fabric utilized in the manufacturing of the bedding has been used with great success in healthcare settings since 2011. DEEPSPORTTM’s DermaTherapy® is the only therapeutic bedding with FDA 510(K) clearance as a Class 1 Medical Device for people who have or are at risk of atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. With its antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and moisture control properties, the bedding protects and cools the sleeping athlete. “The rigorously tested fabric provides a cleaner, drier, and smoother sleep surface, when compared with cotton and other synthetic bedding. It significantly decreases night sweats and keeps you cooler,” Hanan says.

“‘Sleep Wins’ is our battle cry. If you win at sleep, you win at life,” he continues. “We are focused on athletes first, but everyone sleeps and everyone can use the help our technology brings to this all–important aspect of human life. There are more than 83 sleep diagnosed ailments; most people only know of a few. There is so much in the science that most people don’t realize. If you go without sleeping, you could die in 11 to 12 days. There is a real correlation to sleep and our well-being.” So beyond the athletic   realm, bedding from DEEPSPORTTM can help menopausal women enjoy a more restful night’s sleep as the bedding stops night sweats and keeps you drier. A side effect of chemotherapy is hot flashes and DEEPSPORTTM helps manage it with a cooler sleep environment. “Kids in camp, at sports camps, on travel teams. All committed athletes, runners, cross-fit, obstacle racers, traditional sports athletes and Olympians are perfect customers as everyone is looking for an edge. Business travelers, people going on cruise ships and kids going to college dorm rooms,” Hanan says.

Hanan, who is writing a book on the effects of sleep on the human body, believes his mission is to “wake up people to the issues and the solutions.” In developing the DEEPSPORTTM brand, he connected with major figures in both the athletic arena and the world of sleep science to embark on the venture. Dr. Terry Montgomery has been involved in fiber and fabric innovation and research, business development, and textile education for the past 30 years. Current innovation interests include therapeutic bedding and health care products/technologies. Dr. Montgomery holds six U.S. patents, numerous foreign patents, and has published more than 23 articles. Dr. James B. Maas is CEO of Sleep for Success. He has been the Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, professor, and past chairman of psychology at Cornell University. He is a leading authority and international consultant on sleep and performance.

The IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, the premiere sports academy in the United States, vetted the product, and named DEEPSPORTTM the official supplier of athletic performance sheets and travel sleep sacks for the academy.

Access Marketing, a Birmingham marketing firm owned by Jeff Cooke, was engaged to work with DEEPSPORTTM. “They have a real pulse on the sports industry and embrace sleep as the next category that will change lives,” Hanan says.

Top endurance runner Charlie Engle was an early adopter and company spokesperson. “Charlie just ran the Marine Corp Marathon,” says Hanan, “while pushing a child with cerebral palsy in a stroller. When they crossed the finish line, they got medals and started crying. That is the essence of what we are trying to do—helping others along the way. It is about digging deep and working hard for the opportunity to change lives through our brand and science.” Find more details at

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