Josh Eats: Eugene’s Hot Chicken Brings a Nashville Favorite to Birmingham


Written by Josh Byers
Photography by Beau Gustafson

It’s true, you can get authentic Nashville hot chicken right here in Birmingham, Alabama. This is all thanks to chef and owner Zebbie Carney’s food truck, Eugene’s Hot Chicken. With a simple menu that includes an easy-to-order variety, there’s a little something for everyone. They offer three different temperatures of hot chicken, so even a “heat novice” can enjoy their amazing food. I stuck to the regular mild flavor, because I wasn’t out to prove anything. However, I did get talked into trying a small amount of their hottest, the “Stupid Hot,” on a piece of popcorn chicken. Let’s just say it catches up to you!


Most customers go for the standard hot flavor like I did. After you bite into that crunchy crispy exterior, you sink your teeth into some of the moistest chicken you have ever put in your mouth.  You can get jumbo wings, tenders, and even, on some days, popcorn chicken. Fresh white or dark meat, practically every part of the chicken is represented. They give you so much food for the price, which is very affordable. The sides complement the chicken nicely. That homemade ranch just takes it all over the top. And that banana pudding, oh my goodness! Currently they don’t have a set location, but if you follow them on all the various social media outlets, you can find out where Eugene will be each week in the Birmingham area. Trust me, you’ll be glad you found them when you do.

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3 Responses to “Josh Eats: Eugene’s Hot Chicken Brings a Nashville Favorite to Birmingham”

  1. James Matthew Byers says:

    Awesome stuff!

    • Queenie says:

      Mr. Banks, this was the most humorous piece of anything I have read for a while. The title really got my attention. I am going to check out that book too.Anyway, I have to agree in part with the impediment of persuasive cotsmnicamionu, however tying it all to an increase in mental illness? I do not think so. As with anything, including Facebook, use it in moderation. As my old battleaxe French professor taught me (about wine) quality over quantity.And the sexual potential relations between the two co-workers isolated by e-mails – too funny! I used to love to send my dishy boss innuendos in e-mails all the time. I digress…

  2. James Matthew Byers says:

    Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to tangle with that spicy chicken!

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