Real Men Eat Meat

Food may really be man’s best friend.

By John-Bryan Hopkins

Eat Like A Man

Come on guys, let’s get cooking! Most men who love food use their grill and a decent spice rack, but here’s that one book that has all the real food they love to eat and wish they could cook. Esquire food editor Ryan D’Agostino is here to change that with his unapologetically male-centric Eat Like a Man—a choice collection of recipes and food writing for men who like to eat, cook and read about great food. It’s the Esquire man’s repertoire of perfect recipes, essays on how food figures into the moments that define a man’s life, and all the useful kitchen stuff every man needs to know. Satisfying, sexy, definitive and doable, these are recipes for slow Sunday mornings with family, end-of-the-week dinner-dates, Saturday night show-off entertaining, poker night feeds and game-day couch camping. Or for when a man is just hungry.•

Foodimentary Fact: It’s true! Studies show that men are more likely to crave meats while women are more likely to crave sweets, chocolate is usually on top of the list.

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