Artist Spotlight: The Crosiers

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Shane, Ben, and Frank


Birmingham-based band The Crosiers, made up of Frank McClellan, Ben McClellan and Shane Jewell, blends Americana and folk in a way that’s instantly grabbing. From the first listen of their new record, Wheat to Wire, you’ll find yourself pulled into what the band describes as  “visionary lyrics wrapped close in layers of harmonies and dense, sparkling guitars.”

Available on Spotify, the album is intensely political but not partisan.

“It’s descriptive: it’s meant to capture the voices we hear in the wind, uneasiness, the feeling of trouble coming.  We’ve described it as the ‘diary of a waking dream’—but the dream isn’t a good one; it’s dark.  Sort of if William Blake were locked in a room with nothing on but CNN for two weeks straight.

The band is excited about making music in one of the South’s rising cities and looks forward to its future.

“We all grew up in the area and—like so many people—we can tell that Birmingham’s best days are coming.  There’s so much creative energy in the city—its artists, its restaurants, the music scene.  It’s a special place.

Listen now.

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  1. Andy Cordy says:

    You really have to hear this album. The writing is excellent. The lyrics, for a foreigner like me, are all up on the Bandcamp page (click on the track name).

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