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“My interest in teaching etiquette began as I entered the workforce and quickly realized that there was a set of social and dining standards everyone followed that I had not been privy to. I learned by studying others and making mistakes. The more I learned, the greater my curiosity became.   As I learned, I would teach others who weren’t “in the know” to save them from those same mistakes.”

–Juandolyn Fleming


Juandolyn Fleming




B.S., University of Georgia

M.S., University of Southern MS


Pharmaceutical District Sales Manager

Why did you decide to start a leadership and etiquette consulting company ?

My interest in teaching etiquette began as I entered the workforce and quickly realized that there was a set of social and dining standards everyone followed that I had not been privy to.  I learned by studying others and making mistakes.  The more I learned, the greater my curiosity became.   As I learned, I would teach others who weren’t “in the know” to save them from those same mistakes.

“Be who you needed when you were younger” – this quote inspired me most recently to act on those plans sooner than later.

What age range do you cater to?

Currently I am certified as a Youth Leadership & Etiquette Consultant with a curriculum serving ages 6-23.   It is a comprehensive program that can be tailored to the needs of any individual or group.

What are your goals for each student as a result of your training?

My goal for each young adult is that they feel more confident in their everyday interactions at home, school and in their communities.  They will find that the activities allow them to learn by doing in a fun, engaging environment so that when they are faced with meeting new children at school, interacting with adults, setting a table or any social situation, they are more than prepared.

With your current job and family, how do you carve out time for your new venture?

To whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48).  I’m a firm believer that we all have a responsibility to the good of others.

With an extremely supportive husband, Tim, I am able to balance it all nicely.

Tell us about some of the training you currently offer.

SOCIAL Studies is a confidence building program promoting leadership skills.  Because leadership and etiquette go hand in hand, activities range from learning to make a great introduction, dining etiquette, social media netiquette, interviewing and communication skills as well as personal branding for the college level.

SOCIAL studies proudly promotes lessons in kindness and awareness of self and others.  We can all agree that the world needs more of these character traits in today’s society.

Do you have any unique stories you can share about some of your students and the difference you have seen?

Many assumptions and decisions are made about a person based on their display of social awareness and manners.

This summer I lead a dining tutorial during a Back to School Gala.  Seeing a table of eight young men actively engaged and practicing their newly acquired skills during dinner, made my heart sing.  These skills will become habit and a part of who they become in life.

What is your proudest moment while consulting so far?   

There have been many proud moments but having parents follow up that their once hesitant child actually corrected them or taught them a dining tip around the table – the best!

What are some things parents can do at home to rear their children with leadership practices and etiquette training?

As our society becomes increasingly busy and after school activities can put a damper on evening dinner routines, it is a must that parents prioritize time around the table, even if its once or twice a week.  Sitting together during mealtime  having conversations on various topics can be one of the most impactful routines that families share.  The child is practicing dining etiquette, communication skills and social awareness with this simple practice.

Another important area that parents can help build leaders at home is to simply slow down and actively listen to their children without the intent of immediately responding to solve the problem.  Hearing your children out and helping them begin to navigate their own solutions will help build their confidence.  This process will also help parents gain confidence in their child’s abilities as a leader when they are faced with other problems outside of the parent’s reach.

What are some of your goals for your business?

Having a leadership & etiquette business is bigger than teaching manners for me.  One of my true underlying goals is that we are able to be bridge builders in the community.    We aspire to build bridges between students and teachers in  the school environment through self awareness, confidence and leadership skills.  We want to build bridges between underserved communities and the more affluent ones through teaching the awareness of social codes and how to connect with those who may not share the same skin color, status or zip code.  We also hope to help build bridges between cultures, helping our students learn from one another and  increase awareness and needs of others before themselves.

It all begins with the power of a great introduction.

People who know you best say that you are…

I would hope they would describe me as being genuine and pretty adventurous.

Whether it is in a few weeks or a few years, what other areas of consulting do you hope to offer in the future?

According to a First Year College Survey, nearly 60% of college freshmen reported not being prepared for campus life emotionally.  This emotional preparedness is a major factor is determining how well students finish their first year.  My plans are to do more training on high school and college campuses helping to prepare young adults with filling the gap in emotional preparedness through these same confidence building principles.  Also on the collegiate level personal branding, interviewing know-how and international etiquette skills to operate in a global society are all services that I aspire to provide long term as we grow.

Current obsessions:

Aqualime bath salts, Gregory Porter Jazz Radio and This Is Us

One thing you can’t live without:

My running shoes

Words you live by… 

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Favorite books

The Bible and Llama Llama series (I love children’s books with a passion)

How can readers find you?

  1. Fleming, Leadership & Etiquette Consultant, LLC




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