Bailey’s Best Bets

Featuring Birmingham’s Most Stylish

by Amy Lemley Bailey

Like A Rockstar

party like a rockstar

What better way to showcase the rockstar fashions for fall than with a party in a hotel room. Birmingham’s Most Stylish rocked fur, leather, high heels, blazers and fedoras to create a wild, energetic scene and, of course, the empty booze bottles and chandelier on the floor just added oomph to the debauchery in’s Bad Behavior-themed photo shoot.

Scene 1

Sarah Benton wearing clothes and jewelry from Doree; Mallory Lane wearing clothes and jewelry from Theadora with shoes from AbbeyLuxe; Mary Christin Camp wearing clothes from Doree

Scene 2

Stephen Hart wearing black trench, purple scarf and fedora with Sama glasses from Schaeffer Eye Center; Mary Christin Camp wearing clothes and shoes from Stella Blu with feather earrings from Lower East Side of New York; Mallory Lane wearing clothes and jewelry from Theadora and shoes from AbbeyLuxe; Wes Fleming wearing clothes from Urban Outfitters; Sarah Benton wearing clothes from Doree

To Catch A Thief

to catch a thief

We caught this beauty trying to pull a Lindsay Lohan at Levy’s. The Bling Bombshell was decked out in fabulous clothes and armed with tennis bracelets and diamonds. Thank to Levy’s for the use of their store.

Brandi Belcher Barnes wearing clothes, shoes, and accessories from Manhattan South with jewelry from Levy’s; Courtney French wearing clothes from Remon’s

Photos by Andrew Hester

Makeup by Danielle Fisk

Hair by Tonya Jones Salon

Amy Bailey is the publisher of, the South’s online style source.

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