Style Icon: Sedesh Boodram

Sous Chef at Hot & Hot Fish Club

by Tracy Robinson
Photographed by Chuck St. John

Something at Hot & Hot Fish Club is causing quite a stir and, for the moment, it’s not the famous souffle. Rather, it’s the handsome sous chef who Chris Hastings snagged from Thomas Keller’s Per Se in New York. With his dark good looks and broad white smile, the mysterious man behind the counter has made more than one dinner guest pleased about the open kitchen set–up at the Southside restaurant.
Sedesh Boodram, a French Culinary Institute top–honors graduate, and his partner, Jason Wilkerson, a celebrity hair stylist, moved along with their daughter, Delilah, from New York City to Birmingham a little over a year ago in order to be closer to relatives. “We both grew up around family and felt it was important for Delilah to have that experience. We tell our friends that Birmingham is the South’s best-kept secret, and when they visit, they agree.” Sedesh grew up in Trinidad, moving to New York as a teen to join his sister. He and Jason met there 10 years ago, and the couple adopted daughter Delilah as a newborn 2 and a half years ago.

To my compliment that Delilah is as impeccably dressed as her parents, Sedesh responds, “Well, we try to keep her current.” I’m wondering, how dated can a two-year -old be? The toddler’s closet brims with styles from Marc Jacobs and J.Crew’s Crew Cuts line, and even features a miniature Carrie Bradshaw-esque mink discovered at an upstate New York antique store. Sedesh admits that if he (“Papa”) and Jason (“Daddy”) decide to adopt another child, they “may to have to change Delilah’s standard of living a bit.”
Sedesh himself definitely has a standard when it comes to fashion: admiring style icons such as Tom Ford and Daniel Craig, and preferring designer styles from Prada (“her minimalism never goes out of style”), Christian Dior (“the men’s line is not as pricey”), Dolce & Gabbana (“for edgier pieces”) and Alexander McQueen (“I followed him since he was at Givenchy.”) Jason, according to Sedesh, is more classic, preferring to shop at Bergdorf’s and Barneys New York.  The three travel often to New York, to visit friends and, of course, to shop. This modern family will no doubt continue to stay current.

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