B-Yourself: Amanda Hardin

Amanda Hardin

Birmingham’s Amanda Hardin Appears on The History Channel’s Show, Top Shot

Name: Amanda M. Hardin

Age: 33

What company do you work for? Southeast Commercial Partners, LLC.

What do you do there? Commercial real estate brokerage.  I help owners of commercial real estate (office, restaurant, retail) find tenants, tenants find space, and investors find commercial properties.  I discuss and analyze all of the factors that go into making an informed and intelligent real estate decision for my client, and then negotiate the best terms on behalf of my client.

When did you start shooting? I never want to become stagnant in my life, so each year I push myself outside my comfort zone and try something new.  When I was 29 years old, my goals were to learn to shoot a gun and run a 5K.  With the first trigger pull I was in love with shooting.  As for running, I have not run a 5K since.

You mentioned that you like to try something new each year. What did you try new in 2011 and what are you planning to do in 2012?

In 2011, I went hang gliding.  Being tethered to a kite floating 2,000 feet in the air is an exhilarating experience. In 2012, I want to learn how to belly dance.

You can never have too many: Shoes and guns, of course!

What are some things people do not know about you?

As a child, I was on a trick jump-rope team. Think doing trick  jumps with a jump rope while double dutch jumping. I love to cook and am so grateful that my family has preserved our Lebanese heritage by still preparing traditional dishes.  Family meals are wonderful. Ttere will be fried chicken, cornbread and rolled grape leaves and tabbouleh.  Dessert might include coconut cake and kiak, a Lebanese cookie. I volunteer every year as the camp nurse for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s summer camp.


Right, here is something else most people do not know about me.  I attended UAB’s School of Nursing on an academic scholarship.  I conducted a research study while in nursing school, and it was published by a medical journal.

Has anything occurred as a result of your appearance on The History Channel’s show Top Shot?

Absolutely!  I am sponsored by an AR 15 manufacturer and now shoot for  the team Black Rain Ordnance. I was invited to join the Women’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA)—a group that focuses on increasing media coverage of women who are active in traditional outdoor sports, especially shooting, hunting, fishing and archery.

I will be involved in intensive sniper training over the next year with George Reinas, the second place finisher of Top Shot, season two, and will be shooting my first sniper competition this month at the Mammoth Sniper Challenge in Park City, Ky.  I am also being considered for two new reality television shows.  Both shows will be based around competitions involving firearms. 2011 was a very exciting year for me.

Photographed by  Angela Karen

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