B-Yourself: Bill Dexheimer

Bill Dexheimer

Name: Bill Dexheimer


My hometown: Binghamton, NY/Hoover, AL

Profession: Entrepreneur.

My passion: Birthing companies that fit business needs that may not yet be obvious to everybody.

Who most inspires you? The younger generation of entrepreneurs that effectively leverage technologies to solve operational challenges that used to be debilitating to companies in the past.  The speed of innovation coupled with solid vision and flawless execution makes almost anything possible with less human and financial capital.

What is your most marked characteristic? The ability to see new business opportunities earlier than most and the ability to effectively leverage experiences of the past (good and bad) as a way to build successful and scalable businesses. In essence, there is little, if any, original thought left, and entrepreneurs are skillfully reinventing the past.

Most treasured possession: My management team that can set a goal and do whatever is necessary to achieve their collective goals and business mission.  I love working with people willing to put skin in the game for an opportunity to realize the benefits of their hard work, their passion and their fearlessness.

I am guilty of: Getting bored as the intensity, daily challenges and the fears of staying alive in a start-up company get replaced with normalcy and routine operational challenges.

My best friend says I am: Crazy to continue taking risks and not slowing down like most people my age.

What is your greatest extravagance? Enjoying the fruits of my labor and sharing them with the people I care most about.

What is your greatest fear? Not doing my part and letting down the team.

One day I hope to…? Watch the people that I may have had something to do with their success share their wisdom, work ethic and experiences with others and to witness their willingness to pass on their talents and experiences to others as a way to help make others successful.

What is your most marked characteristic? The willingness to hire people smarter than me and to build teams of people with different backgrounds and skill sets, so that people challenge each other in a constructive manner where collaboration can create better products

and a better company.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Selling a new idea.

What is your greatest achievement? I guess 10 years ago co-founding and creating a successful software company without the

ability to write the first line of code.

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