10 Spots- for Breakfast

By Jason Horn


Demitri’s BBQ

The Homewood favorite is known for its barbecue and its chili, and you can actually get both for breakfast—the former in an omelet and the latter with eggs, salsa, and tortillas in huevos rancheros. The more conventional dishes are also sold, including what is perhaps the city’s most addictive French toast. 1901 28th Ave. S, Homewood; 205-871-1581;

Over Easy

This joint’s motto is “for people who love breakfast,” so you know you can’t go wrong. The generously portioned dishes incorporate local ingredients like McEwen & Sons grits and Conecuh sausage. Try the hash baskets, crunchy shredded-potato cups filled with egg, meat, cheese, and crème fraiche.
358 Hollywood Blvd., Homewood 205-639-1910;


Chef Chris Dupont lured baker Corey Hinkel from Anniston to open this delicious downtown bakery. There’s a rotating assortment of doughnuts, filled croissants, muffins, and more—all made fresh every day. The counter is usually stocked with samples to help you choose the perfect pastry to fulfill your morning cravings.
1820 4th Ave. N; 205-323-4110

Urban Standard

Besides serving excellent coffee drinks—including house-made chai tea and chocolate sauce for mochas—this downtown spot offers a basic-but-delicious set of breakfast items. Go with any of the baked goods: Scones or biscuits are reliably fantastic. And for vegans, there’s even a tofu scramble.

2320 2nd Ave. N; 205-250-8200

Trattoria Centrale

The pizzeria’s Sunday brunch is one of the best in town, and so is its weekday breakfast. The unique scones combine seasonal fruit with unexpected herbs (cherry and rosemary is a favorite), plus you can grab a shot of espresso from the shop’s gorgeous brass machine, imported from Italy.

207-A 20th St. N; 205-202-5612


Greek-inflected meat-and-three cafeterias are in no short supply in this town, but few serve anything all that special at breakfast time. Not so with this Southside gem: Its unique bread-eggs-veggies-and-cheese casseroles are always a treat.

328 12th St. S; 205-324-2911


Like something out of a ’50s TV show, this long-time favorite offers bottomless coffee, hearty dishes, and a seldom-changing crowd of regulars. The Southern classics, from biscuits and gravy to pork chops and eggs, are reliably delectable.

3028 Clairmont Ave.; 205-254-9780

Salem’s Diner

It’s justifiably famous for its Philly cheesesteak, but you’ve got to try the diner’s hearty breakfast skillets or fluffy pancakes, served until 11 a.m. each day. (And if you just need some of that steak and cheese, you can order a Philly omelet.)

2913 18th St. S, Homewood; 205-877-8797

Pop’s Neighborhood Grill

If you can think of a combination of pork product, cheese, and egg, this Southside spot serves it on a breakfast sandwich. There’s even a bacon-and-egg combo served between slices of French toast! And you can order any of them anytime Pop’s is open, including all night long on the weekend.

1207 20th St. S; 205-930-8002

Big Blue Bagel

Auburn alums will have fond memories of this place as a great source of music and beer. That’s still the case at its new Crestline Park location, but before noon, you’ll love its namesake baked goods. The house-made bagels are some of the best in town.

1101 Dunston Ave; 205-983-7681

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