Dare to Dream

The journey forward.

By April Jones

You know, until you’ve been left to decide whether to stay or go, this idea of loving something enough to walk away doesn’t seem as complicated as it actually is. You hear it said all the time, but what does that even mean? Who does that?  Until you’ve actually dared something more for yourself, it’s always easier said to “go after your dreams” than move past the comfort zone we must negotiate to obtain them. How do you do that? When you’ve wanted something, sought it out, worked hard, dreamed about, prayed for and even caught a glimpse of a dream — only to be redirected, delayed or even declined? Well, the whole thing can just make you completely sick! I’ve sure been sick about a few dashed dreams! It is agonizing to want something and not be able to have it. Or worse, someone says you can’t have it — that they won’t give it to you or that it doesn’t belong to you. Even worse still, that it will never be yours. That is excruciating! The death or delay of a dream can weigh heavy. But to see one come true and to believe in your own power as a catalyst, now that’s pretty encouraging!

What do you do when you find something and all the things appear to line up according to your ideas of your personal destiny? What if you catch a glimpse of something that appears to fit perfectly within your dream? Maybe it is a business. Maybe it’s a home. Maybe it’s a particular lover. Maybe it’s a child. How do you begin to direct your energy? Your time, attention and thoughts can become consumed: fantasy, conversation and even plans towards life in pursuit of that vision can easily become your constant state of “reality.”  What if it comes to a screeching halt and plans get put on hold? You can’t get the loan. You can’t conceive. Your affections aren’t reciprocated. Your ideas are not well received. Whatever the case may be, what do you do? What is it you want with this dream and who is in charge here?

I have been presented with a few things I’ve really wanted, but either haven’t been able to have them or was simply denied. There have been many dreams I had to wait a really long time for, and some things I’m still waiting on! I try to approach all things with a spirit of prayer governing my direction and steps.  I have a checklist of things that need to be in line for me, that would show whether or not this is something I should pursue. For some this comes through music, or poetry, through journaling, or gardening. Your answers might arise in the gym or on a motorcycle.  We look for answers because we’ve got lots of questions! There is great risk and much uncertainty with dreams. When time is taken to ask for direction, be assured life will continue to unfold, and decisions made will either pull you closer to the vision or push you further away from it.

There isn’t a single opportunity in life that doesn’t present you with a choice to work towards a higher self and the life you wish to have. But I find the key to obtaining it is that it not be self-seeking but for the greater good of all involved. When we seek the blessings of space, time, circumstance and relationships, and when we seek the blessing of everyone involved in making the dream manifest, we create the energy needed to move toward it. If it’s something you seek that would benefit you only, you might obtain it, but I guarantee you will work twice as hard for it. This can most often be where and when we find delay, sometimes the denial — even the death — of the dream.

Sometimes you must walk away in order to regain perspective, tie up any loose ends and leave room for others to catch up. Sometimes you do have to leave the path you thought was taking you towards what you wanted.  It isn’t that what you see isn’t meant to be, but that it simply isn’t time. Sometimes things come in a different package, in a different place and with someone else. Maybe you need more education. Maybe you need to improve your credit. Maybe you need be less demanding. Maybe you need develop some patience.

I believe when we desire to love, grow and serve others first, and when we are seeking the healthiest within and for ourselves, that we begin to see the blessings of our dreams unfold. Have you the courage to dream? And do you love (fill in the blank) enough to walk away, even though it may delay your dreams?

Manifesting can be a reality. Dreams do come true. Prayers are answered. And the inarguable perfection of God’s great and universal timing can all be known in you. But the dream can only be obtained as you place one foot behind the other on the journey. It is good to dream and it is good to pursue them. But what we set sight on and how we plan to impact the world of those around us is what really makes the dream worth having. And what we learn on the journey is what will prepare us to live it out. When we ask that the world be opened up that we can receive all that is meant for us, be assured, it will be!

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