Have A Green (and Red) Christmas

Holiday Planters for Your Home.

by Charlie Thigpen, Photography by Chuck St. John

Dress ordinary holiday plants for the holidays for a fun, festive look. Give them a facelift with berries and branches from the garden to make your home sparkle. It’s not always what you use but how you use it. Take a look at these simple ideas that can give your planters the wow factor.

1. Ivy and Holly

English ivy covering this metal cone looks similar to a little Christmas tree. The ivy will grow inside your home or outdoors. If you intend to grow it inside, be sure it will receive lots of sunlight. If you’re going to leave it indoors for several weeks you might want to spray it with Neem Oil or Insecticidal Soap to keep the red spider mites at bay. Tuck berry-covered holly branches around the base of the ivy to perk up the planter.

2. Amaryllis, Tropical Plants and Branches

Place a blooming amaryllis in basket and surround it with easy, no fuss, tropical plants such as Fittonia “Mini White” for a great look. Branches of winged elm placed around the amaryllis create wonderful natural lines and will also help support the large heavy blooms.

3. Ornamental Kale and Purple Berries

Showy, frilly-leafed ornamental kale is an outdoor plant but it will last for a week or more indoors. The beautiful colored leaves lay flat so they are perfect for a table centerpiece where they won’t obstruct your view as you talk to guests. Ligustrum berries are purplish in color and will echo the coloring on the cabbage foliage for a great look.

4. Norfolk Island Pine and Red Berries

Almost everyone who decorates for Christmas has used a Norfolk pine at one time or another. Place this classic tree in an attractive planter. Cover the soil with a little Spanish moss and then place bunches of nandina berries on top of the moss. Then tuck a few small clusters of the red berries into the pines branches.  The berries on the limbs resemble little ornaments. Happy holidays to all and don’t forget to perk up your planters by adding a few garden goodies.

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