Be Passionate. Claim Your Heart’s Desire.

by Lee Ann Brown

We are starting on the second month of our Year of Living Glamorously project and since we have dared ourselves to face one of our biggest fears, and met that challenge, we are now free to move ahead with living our most desired life. So that begs the question: What is your heart’s desire? What are you passionate about? A life lived without passion is only a half-lived life. I was fortunate enough to be asked this question by my friend Carolyn a while ago, and it sent me on a quest to find the answer. I have been on that journey, enjoying every minute of it along the way, ever since. I believe that it is an important question and that the answer will lead you to living your most exciting, glamorous and fulfilling life. It has for me!
So much of life can become routine, (not necessarily unhappily, routine is not always drudgery) and before we know, or realize it, we are sort of living on auto- pilot, and one day it seems as if we are just going through the motions of life, on some rote schedule, not really connected to or enjoying the full experience. Or maybe time has changed our lives—our children have grown and our roles as parents—that took up so much of our time have changed, and we aren’t sure how to make the change along with it. How many people, I wonder, are really living their lives, not with passion and purpose, but by default, because they are not sure what they really want to do? They just keep the status quo, afraid to do anything. They have never dared to ask themselves the question, or to answer it, to really admit to the life they secretly imagine. Not us, of course! We are getting off that treadmill and defining our heart’s true desire.
So that is this month’s challenge, determining what is the most fun, pleasurable, exciting, meaningful thing you enjoy and want to give and get out of life. Not as easy as you might think but not as difficult either.
I have already been presented with this challenge, and all you have to really do is be completely honest with yourself about what you want and who you really are. Since we no longer have any fear about revealing our true selves to the world (or to ourselves!), the fun will really begin as you determine what brings you the most joy in pursue.
What are you crazy about? Where do you completely lose your self and all track of time? What do you want to do when you wake up in the mornings? What does your fantasy life look like? What do you want to do the rest of the year? When answering these questions, the only thing you have to be cautious about is not naming something that you lose yourself in as a distraction from life but something meaningfully fulfilling.
Living a passionate life is about completely living in the moment, whatever you are doing at that time. So make sure to be aware and connected to the moments of your day, embrace them, because those make up your life. Life cannot be a distraction. What in the world will your life be about if you are not really participating in it? Whose life are you living? Make sure you can answer these questions comfortably and honestly. You simply cannot be living glamorously if you are always wishing you were somewhere else.
So, play passionately, work passionately, sing, feel, love, give, listen and laugh passionately! Even cry and be angry passionately, about the important issues that really matter. It’s the only way worth living and will bring you in touch with your most glamorous life!
What is your heart’s desire?

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