B-Yourself: Brandon and Abbe Ball

Word of Life Lead Pastors: Brandon and Abbe Ball

Age: Brandon (38), Abbe (35)

Hometown: Brandon (NC, VA, TN) / Abbe (Birmingham)

What makes you different from other preachers? We’re certainly not better than another preacher, but we embrace what makes us unique. We have a genuine desire to see people experience victory in every area of life, and our weekly messages always reflect this.

What is your mission for the church?

We are a church where people are invited OUT from the World’s Emptiness, and IN to a place where they experience God’s Fullness.

Motto: Our Motto is to “Lead Fearlessly, Love Unconditionally, and Live Inspired.”

Describe a typical Sunday morning service: Our talented worship team opens the service at 10 a.m. with relevant, anointed praise and worship. We then spend about 45 minutes teaching principles to overcome all of life’s challenges.

How is your church affiliated with Joel Osteen Ministries?

We are part of Joel’s network of churches, called the Champions Network. We were honored to host Joel Osteen in May, 2012, with the Night of Hope at the BJCC, and are sponsors of America’s Night of Hope in Miami, FL this year.

For those who don›t attend your church, what message do you want our readers to hear?

We believe that it’s the Goodness of God that draws men to Him, and we thrive on communicating that to people every week. God is not looking for a reason to punish people—rather He’s looking for any chance to bless them.

How do you envision Word of Life in the next 30 years?

We have a heart for Birmingham, and desire to continue expanding our influence in the city. People come and go, but this church will always remain a beacon of hope to a city in search of something more.

How can we learn more about your church?

Visit us online at www.wordoflife.org. You can also view our Sunday morning service via live stream from our site, and listen to previously recorded messages from our media center and iTunes.

Interview and photograph by Angela Karen

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