A Months Past

Photo credit: al.com

I took an emotional hit at the same time life winds blew hardest through the state I call home. It meant something to me, an experience, one of those special “remember what you were doing when” moments that place each of our lives into a timeline.

Our timeline.

Mine took a hard left on the last day of March. It twisted and turned, hitting major “cities” in my world – my personal state. One month later, I watched those around me lose even more. Instead of bucking up the way I wanted to, I did the only things I could do without blowing over myself.

You help no one if you don’t start closest first.

I acted as a one-woman media show, supply information to those that called me their source. It wasn’t HUGE though. I wasn’t doing everything I wanted to. But, I retweeted, compiled, shared, contacted, emailed, text and communicated any and every way I knew how.

That moment, one month ago, was my own personal life changer, but it also changed the makeup of my surroundings.

The city of magic, Birmingham and the businesses, organizations, key figures, and most importantly, the technicolor hearts of us all stepped up brilliantly. Although this hit us head first collectively, we shook off our rumble and stepped forward.

As all wounds, we scabbed. But now we are healing. And city? Yes, you.

I’m healing with you.

The word “comeback” has never meant so much. Stay Beautiful , Birmingham. Help each other. And never forget what we lost on this day, one month ago.

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