A New Season

Spring gives us new life and that’s plenty to celebrate!

by Christopher Confero   Photography by Chuck St. John

Spring is finally here! No more cold dreary days that turn into colder, dreary nights. No more trudging around in overcoats and winter boots, endlessly grumbling in anticipation for sunshine. We finally get to enjoy an Orange Thing on the patio at Bottega, the walls come down at Rojo and Railroad Park is bustling with life. Everything old seems new again.

I pondered on how to showcase the season at hand, and it came to me quite simply. When I think about spring, the foremost thought on my mind is how Mother Nature blesses us each year by renewing the world we live in. No matter how horribly we treat her, she always bounces back. It’s the miracle of new life.

So how do I bring that home to folks who want to celebrate the miracle of this season? Our city has countless organizations strictly devoted to this time of year. They allow so many ladies (and some gentlemen) to play in the dirt on a cool morning, and other times get dolled up and have a garden club party! These events  not only educate members on how to be better gardeners but also ensures a scene fit for any well–to–do socialite. For instance, the L’a Micale Club let us have a peek inside their most recent meeting that was held at Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery. Charlie gave the ladies a lesson on “How to Talk Dirty!” Now what about a few glasses of wine and that topic doesn’t sound like a fun afternoon?

With so much goodness all around us, I wanted to share with you a few items and table design that I hope inspire you. Using Charlie’s store as my backdrop, it was bound to be beautiful no matter what. You’ll see fresh cut flower arrangements from my friend and floral expert extraordinaire, Carol B. Harris, of Lillie’s. Bright and colorful china from Bromberg’s that would make any table feel like a blooming garden. And adorable little accents from Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery that would look fabulous on a tabletop, or in your own garden.

Don’t forget the small things, though; a great party is always in the details! Even if you are entertaining on a small scale, still treat your guests well. Mail a nice invitation that ties in with the theme of the party. Give your guests a simple favor to take home. These things don’t go unnoticed.

So get out. Go on an adventure. Pack a bottle of wine and go have a picnic. Enjoy the miracle of new life that we are blessed to be a part of this season.

Christopher Confero is the owner of the event design & planning company Christopher Confero Design. Find out more at christopherconfero.com

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