A Wreath for All Seasons

Create a whole new look with small changes.

by Charlie Thigpen    Photography by Chuck St. John

At our shop we don’t just sell products, we also like to show and share ideas. Here is a simple way to get the most out of an inexpensive grapevine wreath. We decorated this 24-inch wreath for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The same wreath was dressed for each season giving it a fresh, festive look.

Halloween Wreath A ghoulish gargoyle was attached to this wreath for a spooky experience. Tillandsia, or air plant, is positioned on both sides and frames the gargoyle. An orange Chinese lantern garland was wrapped around the wreath. Then we tucked a little Spanish moss into the grapevine. To finish off the look, we cut a few berry-filled pyracantha branches and secured them into the wreath. Trick or treat!

Thanksgiving Wreath The bottom of the wreath is covered in dried seedpods that resemble gourds and dried artichokes. The top half is wrapped in a bittersweet garland. The garland is artificial but looks real, and you don’t have to worry about the messy, invasive seeds that fall from real bittersweet. For a finishing touch, we added a big, khaki-green bow. Please pass the turkey!

Christmas Wreath Nothing is more Southern than cotton and magnolias, so we dressed the wreath in both. The dark, glossy, green leaves make the puffy, white cotton bolls stand out. We found some artificial pomegranates that looked real. Then we inserted a screw into the fruit and wrapped a wire around the screw head and secured them to the wreath. A red bow dresses the wreath like a Christmas package. Happy Holidays!

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