Pushing Boundaries: Anna Thomical of Zenosyne

Anna Thomical

Their sound: Droney post-punk
For fans of: Joy Division, Sonic Youth,My Bloody Valentine, True Widow

Anna Thomical has been obsessed with music as long as she can remember, but it wasn’t until four years ago that she first picked up the guitar. “I love how playing centers me, clears my thoughts,” she says. “(Through music) I’ve learned to harness my thoughts and emotions more. It’s surprised me how much I cope with daily life just by playing instruments.”

Together with drummer Tino Newman and bassist Walker Yancey, she formed the post-punk band Zenosyne late last year. With Thomical on guitar and vocals, they are currently working on an EP, and cuts of “Solitary Contentment” and “Cactus Button” are already on their Bandcamp site. Zenosyne, a word Thomical came across on a YouTube channel of bizarre and uncommonly used words, refers to the feeling that time keeps going faster. “(It) resonates with me more each day, and is something I’ve often reminisced about with friends. Everyone can relate to that feeling,” she says.

Thomical’s music tends to center on build-ups of heavy melodies laced with “shoegaze” timbers like delay and reverb. Lyrically, songs often revolve around a darker topic like purging.

When she writes, she focuses on conveying mood, though not always moodiness. “I strive to project the simultaneous somber yet enchanting world that each of us live in,” she says. “My dream for my music is to keep pushing myself in every aspect, including performance art, and to identify more as a songwriter and not just a musician.”

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