B-Yourself: Anna Alford Nelson

Name: Anna Alford Nelson

My hometown: New Orleans by way of McComb, Miss. (the bathroom break on I-55 between Jackson, Miss., and NOLA).

Age: Almost 35 1/2 (We will celebrate my six-month birthday July 23).

Profession: High-Heeled Collaboration CEO at Anna Squared Media, a consulting agency for marketing, branding, ideas, tchokes and design.

My passion: Laughter. Connecting people. Helping make it a great day for family, friends, clients and anyone I come in contact with! Watermelon and strawberry Now ‘n Laters and Laffy Taffy. Collaborating.

What keeps me awake at night:  Ideas for art, projects, clients, friends and business… Well, okay, sometimes it’s Murder, She Wrote re-runs.

I am guilty of: Hiding shoe and clothing purchases from my husband. Or at least blaming some of my besties (you know who you are, and thank you) for bullying me into buying.

My best friend says I am: A great listener. Highly creative. Generous. Contagious smile and laugh.

What is your greatest extravagance: Gifts for others. I don’t wait for birthdays and celebrations if I find the perfect happy for someone. One of my friends loves sharing candy with her kitty and me, so she gets that a lot!

What is your motto/mantra: Live life to its fullest! Over-communicate.

What do you consider your greatest achievements: Besides marrying Willie Nelson? Helping my daughter Madelyn overcome her fear of starting first grade by teaching her to spell chameleon the night before. And surrounding myself with incredible mentors for life, family and career.

What trait do you most deplore in others: Unkindness. Entitlement. Mistreating kids and animals.

What is your idea of perfect happiness: Hearing others laugh. A good book in the sun. Surrounded by my best friends. Ideas coming together. The success of those I care about.

Which living person do you most admire (other than family): My best friends. They are pet lovers, adventurous, open-minded, encouraging, creative, supportive, likeable and so much more. But mostly, they truly inspire me (and others) to make their life count each and every day in this world.

Interview and photo by Angela Karen

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